Every Cloud to adapt Seven Little Australians for TV

Every Cloud Productions will adapt classic Australian novel Seven Little Australians in a four-part television series.

Following on from the success of Miss Fishers' Murder Mysteries, Every Cloud productions will tell the story of seven unruly, mischievous and Australian children in four one-hour episodes.

Exectuvie producer, Deb Cox, said Seven Little Australians was a celebration of the uniquely irreverent, anti-authoritarian Australian spirit as embodied by the mischievous Woolcot kids, "who refuse to fit into the English mould imposed upon them by their Anglophile father."

.In developing the series discovered just how many themes from the book have contemporary resonance and currency: .What is it to be Australian, when even our new Prime Minister was required to swear allegiance to the Queen; how leniently or firmly we parent, how to balance the needs of a blended family; the challenges teenagers face - for example, body issues explored in the
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