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Everything You Need to Know About Dr. Lasiris on General Hospital

Carly’s care at Ferncliff has been transferred to a new physician, Doctor Lazarus, and he has terrible things planned for her on General Hospital! Of course, he spells his name Dr. Lasiris, but it still sounds the same and gives him a very sinister air. And in this case, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be bringing anyone back to life. The man playing the good — well, not-so-good — doctor may look familiar to viewers as well. Actor Casey Biggs has appeared in numerous roles in film and television. Biggs’ biggest role was playing the role of Damar on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the late '90s, however as a member of the Cardassian alien race, he’s not particularly recognizable under all those layers of special effects makeup! Dr. Lasiris isn’t his first foray into daytime, either. Biggs played Fenno Moore on Ryan
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General Hospital Spoilers 7/27/18 — Carly Is Running Out of Time!

Time is running out for more than one person in these General Hospital spoilers! Obrecht is being sent to prison, but Nina could also find herself in trouble. Michael and Nelle both think they’re setting each other up, and Jason doesn’t have much time left to rescue Carly from Ferncliff! At the police station, Nina sits in the interrogation room where Maxie pays her a visit. “How could you let Liesl rope you into kidnapping Peter?” she asks, annoyed. Will Nina fess up and explain, or play innocent? Outside, Obrecht is already wearing her orange prison jumpsuit and cuffed to a desk awaiting transport. “All cuffed and ready for prison!” Robert taunts. At the hospital, Finn checks on Peter, who is still recovering from his kidnapping ordeal and the injuries sustained when Obrecht tried to burn him alive. But Peter knows he’s not the only one with
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Lexi Ainsworth Is "So Excited" to Return to General Hospital!

Kristina is coming home! Lexi Ainsworth has just announced her return to General Hospital! “I’m so excited I can finally tell people that I am back!” she tweeted after the news broke. Kristina Davis hasn’t been seen since October of 2017 when she left town with her girlfriend, Parker. Unfortunately for “Pristina” fans, there has been no news that Ashley Jones is also on her way back to Port Charles. Ainsworth made her debut as Alexis’ daughter in 2009, earning a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2011. When she left Gh in November of 2011, the role of Kristina was recast with Lindsey Morgan for a year, and the character was written off the canvas in 2012. But in 2015, Ainsworth returned again to reprise the role and won the Daytime Emmy Award in 2017. Will Alexis welcome Kristina hope with open arms? (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/jpistudios.com) Kristina’s romance with her former college professor,
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General Hospital Spoilers — Tragedy Strikes the Corinthos Family!

The Corinthos family faces its darkest hour in these General Hospital spoilers. Nelle and Michael plot against each other, and Jason attempts to rescue Carly before it’s too late. But with lives on the line, who will survive the week to come? Chase is continuing his side of the plan to take down Nelle, positioning himself as being on her side in this situation, and making her believe that now that they’re married, Michael wants to be rid of her so he can have their baby for himself. “You’ve gotta find a way for Michael to die,” Nelle tearfully informs the cop. And later, seated next to each other in a car driving down a dark road, Michael unleashes on his new wife. “You took everything from my family!” he shouts. But as the scene spirals out of control, Nelle screams: “Slow down!” and Michael yanks the
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General Hospital Spoilers 7/23/18 — Will Peter Be Burned Alive?!

Some people are planning for the future in these General Hospital spoilers, but as the fire at Wyndemere rages out of control, it looks as though not everybody will have a future to plan for! Can anyone rescue Peter before it’s too late? Josslyn and Oscar are getting cozy on the couch, but the young woman suggests something more. “Maybe we could take this upstairs,” she says coyly as Oscar looks nervous. Are these two ready to take their relationship to the next level, or should the teens leave things as they are? After first meeting Drew at the park when she accidentally squirted mustard on him, Margaux has a much more pleasant second meeting with the guy, sitting down with him at the Metro Court. But he’s curious as to what she’s really after. “What business does a D.A. have with my company?” he asks with a nervous chuckle.
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General Hospital Actress Elmarie Wendel Dead at 89

Veteran actress Elmarie Wendel has died at the age of 89. Although best known for playing Mrs. Dubcek on the late-‘90s NBC sitcom 3Rd Rock From The Sun, she might also be recognized by daytime fans for her role of Peg on General Hospital in 2008. Wendel appeared on Gh for a handful of episodes a an old woman named Peg that Michael (played by Dylan Cash at the time) encountered while he was hiding out at a cabin after accidentally shooting Kate. While the little boy was terrified of what Sonny would do to him if he found out he had used a gun, Peg reassured the boy and urged him to contact his family, sharing her own story of what happened when she had run away from her own home. Wendel played the Solomon family landlord, Mrs. Mamie Dubcek on 3Rd Rock From The Sun. (Photo Credit: Chris Haston
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3rd Rock Actress Elmarie Wendel Passes Away at 89

Actress Elmarie Wendel has passed away at the age of 89, her daughter has revealed via social media.

In an Instagram post shared Sunday morning, J.C. Wendel paid tribute to her mother by writing, "Rip Elmarie Wendel, you were a great mom and a badass dame."

A post shared by Jc Wendel (@jcwendel) on


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Elmarie Wendel, ‘3rd Rock From the Sun’ Actress, Dies at 89

  • Variety
Elmarie Wendel, ‘3rd Rock From the Sun’ Actress, Dies at 89
Elmarie Wendel, who played the Solomon family’s landlord Mrs. Dubcek on “3rd Rock From the Sun,” has died. She was 89.

Wendel’s daughter confirmed her death on Instagram Saturday.

“#ripelmariewendel,” the post reads. “You were a great mom and a badass dame.”

Wendel’s “3rd Rock” co-star Jim Beaver remembered her on social media as well.

“She was raucous, funny, endearing, and terribly, terribly sweet,” he wrote. “Goodnight, Mrs. Dubcek, wherever you are.”

Beaver starred as Happy Doug on the series.

In addition to her role on “3rd Rock,” Wendel had credits on “Seinfeld,” “Love & War,” “Murphy Brown,” “Murder, She Wrote,” and “Empty Nest.” She also had a voice role in 2012’s Dr. Seuss adaptation “The Lorax” as Aunt Grizelda. Her most recent recurring role was on “George Lopez” from 2003-2007 as Gina.

Wendel was born Nov. 23, 1928 on a farm in Howard County, Iowa and performed with her
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Elmarie Wendel Dies: ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ Actress Was 89

  • Deadline
Elmarie Wendel Dies: ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ Actress Was 89
Actress Elmarie Wendel, best known for her role as the eccentric Mrs. Dubcek on NBC’s long-running sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun, has died. Her daughter, actress J.C. Wendel, confirmed her mother’s death on Instagram (see below). No cause of death was given. Wendel was 89.

Wendel began her career on the stage in New York City in both Broadway and off-Broadway productions. She joined the national touring company of Annie, which brought her to Los Angeles, and a successful transition into film and television.

In La, she landed the role of Mrs. Dubcek, the Solomon family’s landlady, NBC’s hit sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun. The quirky character was a loose and free-spirited woman, who was known for her many sexual partners, and often acted as a bizarre and unlikely guide for the Solomons in handling problems in their love lives. In one episode “Dick and the Other Guy”, Sally,
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3rd Rock's Elmarie Wendel Dead at 89

3rd Rock's Elmarie Wendel Dead at 89
Elmarie Wendel, best known to TV audiences for her role as 3rd Rock From the Sun landlady Mrs. Dubcek, has died at the age of 89, TMZ reports.

Wendel worked consistently as a character actress before landing 3rd Rock in 1996. Earlier credits include guest spots on Knight Rider, The Jeffersons, The Facts of Life, Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, Major Dad, Santa Barbara, Empty Nest, Weird Science and Murder, She Wrote.

After 3rd Rock ended in 2001, Wendel guest-starred on four episodes of NYPD Blue, then landed a recurring role as the flirtatious Gina on George Lopez. She later appeared in select episodes of
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'3rd Rock' Star Elmarie Wendel Dead at 89

  • TMZ
'3rd Rock' Star Elmarie Wendel Dead at 89
Elmarie Wendel, who played Mrs. Mamie Dubcek on "3rd Rock from the Sun", has died. Wendel's daughter J.C. confirmed the death, saying she was "a great mom and a badass dame." Elmarie had a long history in show business.  In addition to "3rd Rock" she was the voice of Aunt Grizelda in "The Lorax."  She also was featured on "The George Lopez Show," "Seinfeld," "NYPD Blue," "Knight Rider," "General Hospital," "The Facts of Life,
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Elmarie Wendel, '3rd Rock From the Sun' Star, Dies at 89

Elmarie Wendel, '3rd Rock From the Sun' Star, Dies at 89
Elmarie Wendel, best known for her role on TV's 3rd Rock From the Sun as Mrs. Dubcek, has died, her daughter confirmed. She was 89.

Jennifer "J.C." Wendel confirmed the news Saturday night in an Instagram post, sharing an image of her actress mother along with her 3rd Rock castmates for the series' centennial episode.

"#ripelmariewendel. You were a great mom and a badass dame," J.C. Wendel wrote.

#ripelmariewendel you were a great mom and a badass dame. #thirdrockfromthesun #mrsdubcek #georgelopez #thegeorgelopezshow #littlemarysunshine #nancytwinkle #broadway #coleporter #vegasheadliner

A post shared by Jc Wendel (@jcwendel) on ...
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