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Russian politician slams Eurovision winner

Russia's Vladimir Zhirinovsky insists Conchita Wurst's Eurovision Song Contest win symbolises the ''end of Europe''. The bearded drag queen - whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth - won the 2014 competition on Saturday night (10.05.14), but has now been slammed by the leader of Russia's Liberal Democratic Party. According to The Sun newspaper, Zhirinovsky said: ''There is no limit to our outrage. It is the end of Europe. They don't have men and women anymore - they have 'it'.'' Conchita - who won the competition for Austria with her song 'Rise Like a Phoenix' - accepted her award by thanking supporters of
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Conchita Wurst, Drag Queen, Wins Eurovision, Shuts Down Anti-Gay Critics

Conchita Wurst won Eurovision on Sunday with her power ballad “Rise Like A Phoenix,” and her win ruffled feathers of homophobes who protest her win as a drag queen performer.

i'm home <3 i don't know what to say.... Thank You!!!!! pic.twitter.com/bVoiE8koEo

— conchita wurst (@ConchitaWurst) May 11, 2014

Conchita Wurst

Wurst is the onstage persona of singer, Tom Neuwirth, 25, who performs in full makeup and dress with a beard, natural and enhanced by makeup. Newirth created Conchita Wurst in 2011 as a statement of protest against intolerance and discrimination, according to Conchita Wurst’s official website. Wurst enjoyed a successful stint on an Austrian talent competition called The Big Chance and competed as Wurst in various other reality singing competitions as well. Conchita is sometimes called ‘the Bearded Lady’ and has become a symbol for gay rights in Austria, where Newirth originates, and, now, across the world.

Wurst won the
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Revisiting The X-Files season 1: E.B.E

Review Jennifer Cates 27 Feb 2013 - 07:30

Jenni's weekly pick of The X-Files' first season episodes comes to the best so far, E.B.E feat. the first appearance of the Lone Gunmen...

This review contains spoilers.

1.17 E.B.E

An excellent episode filled with suspense, bait-and-switch moments, the Lone Gunmen (!!!) and a surprising moment between our two protagonists. E.B.E stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, and it’s a concept that attracts more than one group of people here. The directors said that they made this episode with All the President’s Men in mind, and it shows. The plot is dense and twisting, the camera work is dark and moody, and every dimly lit room holds a secret.

The entire thing kicks off over Iraqi air space when a pilot shoots down a UFO, which magically lands next to a Us airbase in Turkey, an area in Turkey that looks surprisingly like Oregon.
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