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‘Paranormal Xperience’ Blu-ray 3D Review

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Stars: Amaia Salamanca, Maxi Iglesias, Lucho Fernández, Úrsula Corberó, Óscar Sinela, Alba Ribas, Manuel de Blas, Eduard Farelo | Written by Daniel Padro | Directed by Sergi Vizcaino

When you’ve watched horror for most of your life you tend to have seen a lot of the gimmicks used to try to make the genre more interesting, even if we didn’t need it. 3D is one, if we can still call it a gimmick that keeps on re-appearing and while sometimes it works, others it just feels like it’s forced in. There are arguments for the use of 3D, such asGravity but with Paranormal Xperience is it really needed?

Paranormal Xperience features your normal horror film style story, with five students travelling to an abandoned mining village to investigate the supernatural. Said to be haunted by the spirit of the evil Doctor Matarga the students are there to see if
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DVD Review - Lock Up (2010)

Lock Up (Spanish: Cruzando el límite), 2010.

Directed by Xavi Giménez.

Starring Marcel Borràs, Carlos Cuevas, Adolfo Fernández and Cristina Dilla.


A troubled teen is admitted to a high-security rehabilitation centre in an attempt to curb his dangerously wayward behaviour.

What a week it has been for the common folk of England. A week of unprecedented social and political point-taking that has seen the streets implode into an almost post-apocalyptic parody of itself. One in which the disenfranchised youth run rule over their former “oppressors” - the adults. So how fatefully apt that I find myself handed the task of commenting on the Spanish title, Lock Up - a film which seems to echo the troubles of our nation currently. With a DVD containing subtitle impotence and a grasp of the language that spans little further than fast food snacks, I somehow managed to cultivate an understanding of events onscreen.
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Xavi Giménez set to take us to Tranquility Valley

You just know its all going to end badly, when a horror thriller gets a name like Tranquility Valley, and Spanish director Xavi Giménez is set to take us there next year. His second project as director for movie house Filmax (responsible of course for “[Rec]”), Giménez has previously worked as Cinematographer on some big names in Spanish genre Cinema - including 'The Machinist' and 'Transsiberian' - so he’s well placed to deliver the goods. Starring; Marcel Borrás, Adolfo Fernández, Fernando Guillén Cuervo and Eduardo Farelo Tranquility is tipped as “a disturbing thriller about a re-education centre, which promises to reintegrate difficult youths back into society, through very controversial methods.”
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