Art Directors Guild Nominations

Obvious picks were Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, And Avatar. Once again, no love for Nine, but I was pleased to see an embrace from this guild for The Lovely Bones. Now that Art Directors, Producers, Directors, and Screen Actors guilds have announced their nominees, the only other “countries” to be heard from are the Writers Guild and American Cinema Editors. We’ll hear from the WGA on Monday and the Ace on Tuesday.

From THR by way of Awards Daily, here are the nominations announced earlier on Friday by the Art Directors Guild. The Adg will hold its 14th annual Excellence in Production Design Awards on Feb. 13 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Feature Film Nominees

Period film:

A Serious Man,” production, designer, Jess GonchorInglourious Basterds,” David Wasco “Julie & Julia,” Mark RickerPublic Enemies,” Nathan CrowleySherlock Holmes,” Sarah Greenwood

Fantasy film:

Avatar,” Rick Carter, Robert StrombergDistrict 9,” Philip Ivey
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