Big Brother: Marlon and the other best ever shock evictions

Poor old Marlon Wallen. The Big Brother housemate had already made himself a pariah after saving himself from eviction last week - then last night, the humiliation just got worse as he was the subject of a surprise eviction. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't booted out of the bungalow in just his pants (luckily, a dressing gown was on hand before his interview).

But Marlon's hardly the first housemate to be kicked out in surprising circumstances - so we thought we'd look back at just some of the best shocks, twists and surprises surrounding evictions gone by. This isn't a list of the best evictions ever (hello, Grace Adams-Short!) but rather the Big Brother cheekiness that left the contestants reeling...

Lynne Moncrieff (Big Brother 3)

Was this possibly one of the first ever eviction twists? It was nowhere near as shocking as some of the later goodbyes,
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Big Brother: Bonnie, Victor, Chanelle - The best audition videos ever

We have a full set of housemates in Big Brother 2014 now - and they had their fair share of ridiculous audition videos (hello Helen, whose extended cut on Bit On The Side included the charming phrase: "I'm hotter than a steaming pile of s**t.") But all of this just got us reminiscing about some of our favourite VTs from over the years. We've picked out just ten of our most memorable below...

1. Bonnie Holt (Big Brother 7)

Without question, the best audition video of all time. Bonnie turned out to be shy and quieter than a mouse in the house - which she put down to not having her suitcase - but her audition video is so ridiculous and hilarious that it's almost a work of art. We don't know if we'll ever tire of watching it - from Bon's declaration that she is "sexy, and funny, and everything,
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Check out the all new Big Brother 2011 video promo – Anthony Hutton, Ian ‘H’ Watkins’, Pete Bennett, Mutya Buena and Makosi Musambasi

We’ve been waiting all day and at 9.55pm this evening, this year’s first full length Big Brother promo aired on Channel 5.

It was like a who’s who of famous Bb faces from years gone by and we had quite a lot of fun spotting and naming some of our favourite (and also most annoying) housemates.

We have compiled most of them in a list below, though we know there are some names missing, so feel free to leave a comment below if you can identify any more.

The video starts out with Makosi on the phone and leads into various cast members dancing and miming to an adaptation of David Guetta’s popular dance track – When Love Takes Over renamed When Bruv Takes Over and at the end, as all the Bb stars gathered in what looked like a massive field, Marcus Bentley exclaimed:

‘It’s back
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