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Suburra review: ” A fascinating and engaging crime epic.”

Suburra review: Stefano Sollima, the man behind the upcoming Sicario sequel, proves his worth with this shocking Italian crime epic. Suburra review

Stefano Sollima has certainly been making waves in Italian crime tales over the last few years. He successfully assisted the transition of two big Italian franchises from the big screen over to the small screen, being Gomorrah and Romanzo Criminale. Like those two adaptations, Suburra is yet another dense, intertwining crime story that revolves around multiple characters from multiple ways of life, gradually being dragged into a dangerous and addictive world. The real question is whether Sollima can translate his ability to tell such stories over a longer period of time, having handled 22 episodes of Romano Criminale and 10 of Gomorrah, and streamline it into just over two hours. Sollima doesn’t just deliver on his proven potential, but excels as he gives us a fascinating and engaging crime epic.
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