San Andreas Beats: 'GTA V' Three-volume Music Collection Is Out Now On iTunes

A collection of original music, the game's score, and tracks featured in the game's radio stations make up the massive "Grand Theft Auto V" music collection, out now on iTunes.

Oh, I get it--69 tracks. Clever, Rockstar.

The three volumes are available now as either separate purchases at $9.99 each or as a single download for $24.99 via iTunes. The collection includes original music from artists like Twin Shadow and Neon Indian on "Vol. 1: Original Music," to the incidental music and score of "Vol. 2: The Score," and remixed and licensed songs on "Vol. 3: The Soundtrack."

The release of the soundtrack continues Rockstar's media domination following the billion dollar launch of "GTA V" last week for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's also not the first time they've had a major launch for one of the game's soundtracks: fans of "Vice City" may recall the lavish soundtrack for that game which
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Saturday Night Fever

December 1977: Number 4 in our series of the 50 key events in the history of dance music

Released on 16 December 1977, Saturday Night Fever was the film that broke disco in both senses: it popularised and developed the form at the same time as it froze a vibrant and creative subculture. Saturday Night Fever made disco ubiquitous in 1978. It became a fad – with the inevitable backlash.

The statistics tell the story. The film took more than $3m in the first weekend, eventually going on to gross in the region of $237m; it became the fourth highest grossing movie of 1977. The soundtrack album included six Us No 1s and it topped the charts for 24 weeks in the Us, 18 weeks in the UK.

In fact, disco had been building for several years. In his ground-breaking September 1973 Rolling Stone story, Vince Aletti traced its origins in the underground return of the discotheque, "where the hardcore dance crowd – blacks,
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