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Chris Sabin on reforming the Motor City Machine Guns with Alex Shelley in Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor fans rejoiced as the Motor City Machine Guns finally reunited at the 14th Anniversary show in February. Chris Sabin was happy with the positive response he and his longtime partner, Alex Shelley, received in Las Vegas It was a moment the performer will never forget. “I was a bit nervous and worried how people were going to react,” he said. “When I finally went out there, it was a bit of a relief actually. Alex and I were talking about this, where fans have come up to us saying they miss the Machine Guns and asking when … Continue reading →

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Roh Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Gfw

Ring of Honor wrestling has sent a cease and desist letter to Global Force Wrestling due to infringement on Roh’s brand in radio and TV ads promoting the July 24 inaugural Gfw TV tapings in Las Vegas at The Orleans casino. The story was reported by PWinsider, who received the info from a reliable source.

According to PWInsider, the advertisement referenced Roh stars appearing at the Gfw event on Friday even though Roh has their Death Before Dishonor iPPV in Baltimore that day. There likely won’t be any Roh stars at the Gfw tapings even though some of them have been at Gfw live events.

Global Force Wrestling

A big reason for Roh taking issue with Gfw is that they have a strong television presence in Las Vegas since Roh airs on two different stations there and they also ran a show in Vegas last week.

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News On When Gfw’s “Invasion” Of Tna Will Begin

Global Force Wrestling

The angle that will start the Global Force Wrestling invasion of Tna Impact will begin on the July 22nd edition of Impact, according to the Wrestling Observer.

That show will air on a slight tape delay on Destination America while the other shows in July have already been taped. The storyline will continue with Gfw’s first ever TV tapings in Las Vegas on July 24.

Current Tna stars that will take part in the Gfw tapings are long-time performers Bobby Roode and Eric Young, both of whom are close with Gfw’s owner Jeff Jarrett. Young will also be taking part in Gfw live events this weekend to work an angle with Jarrett. Other Tna stars are likely to be there as well.

What’s weird about the Gfw taping aspect is that they have no television deal announced in any country. Perhaps they will have something to announce soon,
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10 Weirdest Tna Storylines Ever

The land of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has been a curious one from the minute it opened its doors way back in 2002.

Designed to be an alternative to World Wrestling Entertainment, the brand touted some of the best young talent in the sport. Stars such as Aj Styles, America’s Most Wanted, Team Canada, Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin were recruited to create a futuristic wrestling company featuring some of the most exciting and innovative in-ring action known to man. The eventual addition of the incredibly agile super heavyweight Abyss and former Roh Heavyweight champion of the world Samoa Joe only helped bolster what was widely considered one of the most impressive rosters in the business.

Add to those incredibly talented individuals the likes of Christian Cage and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, two men who chose to venture into Tna rather than remain in WWE,
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Flickering Myth talk Top 5 Grossing WWE Movies on WrestleTalk TV

In a huge week of trailer news that has seen some more footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and our first official look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Flickering Myth editors and Flickering Myth Movie Show presenters Oli Davis and Luke Owen dropped into the WrestleTalk TV studios to talk about something a bit different.

Tune into UK television channel Challenge (Sky 145, Freeview 46, Virgin 139) at 11pm tonight to see the duo talk about The Top 5 Grossing WWE Movies Ever Made. Not the best, the biggest grossing. So don’t have a go at us if your favourite isn’t in the list!

Spoilers: The Chaperone isn’t on the list. Sorry, Triple H…

Also on the show:

- An special interview with former Tna World Champion Chris Sabin on his future and a possible journey to Nxt

- Is Brock Lesnar set to become the number one babyface in WWE?
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New Tna: 5 Things That Work (And 5 That Don’t)

When Tna revealed that it had lost its TV deal with Us network Spike TV, many fans feared the worst. The company had already said goodbye to many of its biggest stars, including A.J Styles, Sting and Hulk Hogan and the departures of Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Chavo Guerrero and Chris Sabin, amongst others, did nothing to ease the troubled minds of the Tna fanbase.

Booking-wise, the company’s creative direction had veered wildly out of control as wrestlers were frivolously pushed and then discarded once they failed to single-handedly save Tna from extinction.

To make matters worse, the company shamelessly aped WWE storylines in lieu of original content and, in the process, unwittingly began selling itself as a small time, second-rate promotion.

Then, with Tna’s fortunes locked into a deadly tailspin, a new deal was suddenly struck with TV network Destination America and a faster,
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Former Tna World Champion To WWE?

The dream of nearly everyone who becomes a professional wrestler is to one day compete for the WWE. For better or worse, the WWE represents the mecca of sports entertainment, and no matter what success a wrestler may have elsewhere, it can be argued that they never truly make it until they step foot in the WWE.

That sentiment seems to be shared by a former Tna World Champion. Chris Sabin, who officially parted ways with Tna on May 9th of this year, has expressed a desire to join the WWE. While being interviewed on the Shining Wizards podcast, Sabin stated that his goal is to be signed by WWE, as it has been for this entire life.

Sabin is only 32 years old, so he presumably has plenty of time left in his career. In the past, WWE had shied away from older, more experienced superstars, but Sabin may have
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Brad Maddox Appears At Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Event

Rey Mysterio recently made waves for defying his WWE contract — which he wants out of — and appearing at Aaa’s Triplemania event. Reportedly, there has been no punishment handed down to Mysterio since his act of defiance and apparently, there has been no communication or contact made at all.

Now, WWE contracted star, Brad Maddox has made a similar move. Maddox was spotted at last evening’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event in Reseda, California. Pwg is one of the most popular independent wrestling promotions there is. The company operates exclusively out of Southern California — or SoCal.


Last night, August 29th, was the first event in Pwg’s Battle of Los Angeles series for 2014. The Bola series, as its often called, is a single elimination tournament held over multiple nights. This year represents the 10th annual incarnation of the series and will conclude on Sunday, August 31st.

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10 Things Tna Got Right

So Tna is officially twelve years old!

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling receives a lot of criticism, and rightfully so. The unwanted stepchild of the wrestling world, Tna has been ridiculed for ridiculous booking, poor live attendance, woeful PPV buys and pushing 40 year old stars from other promotions. It’s easy to criticize Tna, but that doesn’t mean that the company has been a complete failure.

Over the last twelve years, Tna has proven that they can provide an alternative wrestling product that fans can take pride in supporting. Through all the blatant attempts to emulate WWE, and all the downright insane booking by Vince Russo, Tna has shown flashes of brilliance that prove they don’t deserve all the hate. Sure a lot of that may be in the past, but we can still look back at the last decade and say that Tna managed to carve out a
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How I Would Run The Tna Action Figure Line

I love Tna. I love Jakks Pacific. I was so excited when Jakks announced that they acquired the license to make Tna action figures. I was so pumped. I loved what Jakks had done with the WWE license from the Ruthless Aggression figures, to the Deluxe figures, to the Classic Superstars line. Jakks gave us, without a doubt, the best years of wrestling figures when they had the WWE license. Since Jakks acquired the Tna line in 2010, we’ve gotten 10 sets of figures. Just ten! When Jakks had WWE we would get more than 10 sets a year!

It’s safe to say that I am disappointed with the Tna line of figures, in the amount that we get. I love the figures. I really do. I get excited every time they announce a new line-up. Unfortunately, that seems to be once every 6-8 months. I really wish Jakks would try

Tna: Why A Hulk Hogan Title Run Will Ruin The Company

WWE took a chance with a lot of things when they had no competition in 2002/2003; most involved old WCW stars such as Hulk Hogan. Hogan’s return began with the nWo in the WWE, and for a while it was good, but sadly quickly descended into a torrent of tiresome “brother, dude” promos and way too many poor matches with the exception of one.

During that famous WrestleMania 18 match Hogan turned “face” against The Rock, and within a month found himself at the top of the card as the WWE Champion. Hogan, who was getting the better of guys in their prime like Triple H and The Undertaker, drew nothing except apathy from fans. The WWE noticed this and eventually his run was ended but the damage was done. Ratings dropped as people checked out in droves opting for the early Tna or the growing Ufc instead of a bad WCW re-runs.

Tna Impact: Looking At “The West Coast Boogeyman” Edition

Impact Wrestling was back in Indiana, Pennsylvania for the second time and saw the building blocks being laid to the road to Slammiversary. Did it give me a reason to party over Tna’s birthday plans or will this party just be a bust? Well, let me tell you what I think.

Let’s begin with the opening segment, which saw Hulk Hogan apologize after months of doubting Sting. Sting says that’s water under the bridge and he wants to take the full offensive on Aces and Eights beginning next week in a six man tag. Hogan tells sting to pick whoever he wants for that squad, he has to decide who get the number one contender spot for Bully Ray in Boston. Matt Morgan comes out and says the shot should be his, Hogan says he’s not going to make mistakes anymore and just give someone the shot.

Tna Impact: Looking At The “Hero Worship” Edition

This week’s Impact from Indiana, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh saw the roster pairing up together in a lot of different ways. Everyone seemed to be uniting in the cause of getting rid of Aces and Eights. However, was it full of outrageous fortune or did it not come together in the end?

The show began where we left off last week with aces and eights running roughshod over security and superstars alike. After, getting in the building The first victim was James Storm, who congratulated Aj styles on his new finisher family the rather un-phenomenal named Calf Killer. (I guess it’s the baby version of Cattle Mutilation).

Storm then proceeds to call out the Aces and Eights instead Bad Influence comes out and appeals to Aj about forming Fortune again and going against Aces and Eights. This leads to a fight between the two in which Daniels

WWE: Is Cm Punk As Good As He Claims To Be?

Cm Punk, the best in the world, as he claims, was WWE Champion for 434 days, a feat almost unimaginable in today’s wrestling. The streak itself is a focal point for his claim of being the best; surely someone who can hold onto the biggest title in wrestling’s biggest company for that long must be the best in the world? The fact that WWE allowed him to hold the belt for that long proves that they have a lot of faith in him to carry the company, but is he the best in the world?

I think it goes without saying that, like almost anything, it depends on personal opinion. It depends on the person and what they believe makes a wrestler great; some fans may prefer classic mat wrestling whilst others prefer the lucha style and so who they believe is best will reflect that style. For me,

Austin Aries Is The New Tna World Champion!

No it isn’t a misprint or a communication error. It’s not a hoax or a prank. Blink once, blink twice, rub your eyes if you have to (gently of course). Now look at the headline again. Are you smiling? You should be.

At Destination X the 34 year old realised a life long dream and shook the professional wrestling world to its very core. Not just because he beat Bobby Roode, the man with the longest Tna World Championship reign in history, but because of who he is and how he did it. It has long been considered amongst Wrestling fans that if you want to watch the modern day product you are going to have to put up with a lot of pain with not much joy in return. Gone are the days, it seems, that wrestling takes priority over selling merchandise to children or telling people who or what is trending worldwide.
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Alex Shelley and Ric Flair Quit Tna To Join WWE?

Tna Impact Wrestling fans are in shock this week over the news that the company has parted ways with one of its most exciting talents in Alex Shelley.

Shelley, one half of the Motor City Machine Guns with Chris Sabin, joined the company in 2004 and is a former Tag Team and X Division Champion. He has previously worked dark matches for WWE but has never officially wrestled for them, but that is set to change if internet reports are to be believed. Rumour has it that the on-again-off-again WWE Network is looking to run a show based around a cruiserweight division and given the level of interest in Alex from fans he is primed to be heavily featured. That is if he actually signs a deal.

Hot on the tail of this news word broke that Tna had also parted ways with Ric Flair. Flair is alleged to have been
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Out this week in the Gaming World 6.23.10

Hey Tyrants! Oh man there's some pretty funny games coming out this week. The teddy bear game looks disturbingly awesome. Also, for those of you who like to play Magic the gathering, X360 has a Magic game that you can purchase with gamer points that's pretty fun. You can also play the demo of course which is fun too. Now to the games releasing this week.


Risk: Factions (X360)

Featuring outlandish factions, a unique art style, new gameplay twists, and offbeat humor, Risk: Factions promises to challenge and captivate both new and seasoned Risk fans on their quest for world domination.

This looks like fun. I shall try a demo.

Releases 6.23.10


Video Games | Risk: Factions | Factions Chapter I: Quiet on the Human Front XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii



Transformers: Cybertron Adventures (X360, PS3, Wii, Nds & PC)

Players can now take on the role of a Transformers character in the final, epic
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Tna's Motor City Machine Guns on the Best Gangster Movies

First, they gave us the worst Megaman bosses of all time, now Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are back to talk movies.  Two dudes from Detroit who go by "The Motor City Machine Guns" should know something about what makes a good gangster flick.  This is why we asked Shelley and Sabin to run down their top eleven picks for organized crime on film.  The boys made some solid choices but there is one glaring ommission.  If these guys couldn't kick our asses, then we might just give them a severe beating for putting Snatch on the list - and not Scarface.  Clearly, numerous shots to the dome have affected their judgment.
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Tna's Motor City Machine Guns on the Best Gangster Movies

First, they gave us the worst Megaman bosses of all time, now Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are back to talk movies.  Two dudes from Detroit who go by "The Motor City Machine Guns" should know something about what makes a good gangster flick.  This is why we asked Shelley and Sabin to run down their top eleven picks for organized crime on film.  The boys made some solid choices but there is one glaring ommission.  If these guys couldn't kick our asses, then we might just give them a severe beating for putting Snatch on the list - and not Scarface.  Clearly, numerous shots to the dome have affected their judgment.
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Tna's Motorcity Machine Guns on the Worst Megaman Bosses

While I have to give them flack for coming down on a Megaman boss named "Toad Man" when they're guilty of cavorting with someone who goes by "Curry Man," Tna's Motorcity Machine Guns provided us with an excellent assessment of Megaman's most sucktastic bosses.  Wrestlers aren't known for pulling punches (oh wait, yes they are) and Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin do not mince words with Bright Man or Wood Man.
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