Spanish TV Embraces Lesbian Relationships

A lesbian police officer and her forensics expert girlfriend sneaking a quickie at work. A lesbian doctor and a female nurse house-hunting together after finally reuniting. A young woman trying to figure out how to tell her boyfriend of eight years that she's fallen in love with a woman.

No, this isn't the lineup of an American gay TV channel — this is what you'll see on some of the most popular national primetime series in Spain.

While the American primetime television landscape is virtually barren when it comes to lesbian and bisexual visibility — with very few lesbian/bi characters on broadcast TV, and only slightly more on cable or premium channels — lesbian/bi characters are flourishing on mainstream Spanish TV shows.

Spanish TV wasn't always this inclusive. Only 10 years ago, Lgbt characters were primarily limited to smaller shows on regional channels, with a few exceptions such as the lesbian couple
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