Interview: John Michael McDonagh Takes Chances With ‘The Guard’

Chicago – From a classic tradition of abrasive-but-lovable anti-heroes, the lead of writer/director John Michael McDonagh’s “The Guard,” Officer Boyle (Brendan Gleeson), is one of the most memorable leads of the year. Played with trademark wit by Gleeson, Boyle does drugs, sleeps with hookers, and simply doesn’t care what you think about him. When a major drug deal is set to go down in his minor city, Boyle gets involved with an American agent played by Don Cheadle and a very unusual buddy/action movie unfolds. Writer/director John Michael McDonagh sat down with us last week to talk about Gleeson, Cheadle, Walter Matthau, Terence Malick, Ennio Morricone, “Game of Thrones,” and much more. The first natural question that people may have if they look you up on IMDb [and see that your last credit is 2003’s “Ned Kelly”] is why so long between movies?

John Michael McDonagh: In 2000 I made the short film. Obviously,
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90210 Soundtrack in Stores Now!

The brand new 90210 soundtrack is available in stores now, and features 12 brand new and exclusive tracks from platinum and gold artists such as Adele, the Raconteurs, All-American Rejects, Jet, N.E.R.D., and Santigold. All 12 tracks will be featured in episodes during the upcoming season of the show. The CW is noted for its music-driven shows, including Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, and this season of 90210 will feature even more music per episode than ever before. 90210 is one of the CW’s most popular series, with millions of 18- to 34-...
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Five Minutes (and a Beer) With Jimmy Fallon

This past Friday night Jimmy Fallon bought me a beer and gave me a few minutes of his time, which is very precious these days as he has literally become the man of the hour, taking over desk duty for Conan O’Brien. The scene at the Whiskey River bar, where Jimmy dropped in to talk to us press folk, was a madhouse, which isn’t that unusual for an NYC bar on a Friday night. Of course, any time you take a celeb and a bunch of drunk dudes with cellphone cameras and throw ‘em into a space about the size of my first studio apartment, it’s gonna get a little hectic. But a great time was had and luckily I was able to use the handy Late Night with Jimmy Fallon branded napkins provided to wipe up the Jaeger Bomb that spilled on my shirt! Ugo: How
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