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‘Hormones’, ‘Faculty’ win best Asian drama prizes at Busan’s Asia Contents Awards

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‘Hormones’, ‘Faculty’ win best Asian drama prizes at Busan’s Asia Contents Awards
South Korean TV producer Kim Yongkyu won the best creative award for Mr. Sunshine.

South Korean TV producer Kim Yongkyu won best creative at the inaugural edition of the Asia Contents Awards in Busan last night, while best Asian drama prizes were presented to Thailand’s Hormones: The Series and Singapore’s Faculty.

Kim won the award for Studio Dragon’s Mr. Sunshine, a historical drama starring Lee Byung-hun (Red 2) that has premiered globally on Netflix. Hormones: The Series is a teen drama covering controversial topics such as teenage pregnancy, while Faculty revolves around professors and students in a Singapore university.
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Globizness: our round-up of celebrity scandal around the world

British celebritites don't have the monopoly on bad behaviour. Wait till you meet this lot


Veena Malik is officially auditioning for a husband. You might recall that the Pakistani model/actress/liberal-doses-of-whatever was the Indian FHM's cover star last December who caused a bit of a ruckus by a) nude-ing up for her photoshoot and b) suggesting that the Isi, Pakistan's intelligence services agency, has some dangerously crackpot tendencies. The bare cheek.

Anyway, Malik's upcoming reality show, Swayamvar, has received over 70,000 submissions from men applying for her hand in marriage – only 16 of whom will be chosen to compete in the programme to share a lifetime's love, happiness and millions of rupees. On her future soulmate, Malik told Globiz: "He can't be poor, every girl needs flowers and diamonds." Isn't she worried about seeming a touch shallow? "I don't understand the question." A few minutes of jokey explanation and confused
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Review: Enrico Santos' My Cactus Heart

The biggest problem of Enrico Santos' My Cactus Heart is that its protagonist, Sandy (Maja Salvador), the owner of the titular so-called cactus heart, is nothing more than a standard-issue rom-com dame, afflicted with issues brought about by familial troubles. Except for a montage where she supposedly breaks the hearts of her various suitors, her heart is evidently undeserving of the trying-too-hard-to-be-cute moniker. She is uninteresting, unconvincing, and unromantic. Salvador attempts to add color to the hopelessly color-less character by giving an authentically earnest performance, which only does so much. Sandy is just too lazily written, with issues too trite, and a resulting romance too dry to really matter. Carlo (Matteo Guidicelli), Sandy's fated partner, is clearly the better half of the forced pairing. A...
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