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TV Review: Being Human, 3.1 – “Lia”

Series 3 of Being Human has a tough job on its hands. Can its high-concept premise of a cohabiting vampire, werewolf and ghost continue to hold audience’s attention, now the novelty’s worn off and there’s a Us version snapping at its heels? If the first series was skewed towards black comedy, and the second took things into more dramatic territory, will series 3 find a happy medium? On the evidence of “Lia”, I certainly got the impression creator Toby Whithouse aims to blend the successes of previous years, as there was plenty of domestic/relationship humour, off-set with some mythology-building.

Picking up after the cataclysmic climax of series 2, where ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) was sucked into Purgatory and her friends — vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner), werewolves George (Russell Tovey) and Nina (Sinead Keenan) — were forced into exile, taking refuge in a Welsh farmhouse, we quickly caught up with the foursome’s current situation.
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