Fantastic Planet

René Laloux's marvelous animated Sci-fi tale is still in a class of its own, mainly because the creative level of its imagination is so high. Who would have thought that limited animation could look this good? The designs are by the impressive artist Roland Topor. Fantastic Planet Blu-ray The Criterion Collection 820 1973 / Color / 1:66 widescreen / 72 min. / La plènete sauvage / available through The Criterion Collection / Street Date June 21, 2016 / Starring Jennifer Drake, Eric Baugin, Sylvie Lenoir, Jean Topart, Jean Valmont (voices). Original Drawings Roland Topor Character and Scene Animation Josef Kábart, Josef Váňa Original Music Alain Goraguer Written by Roland Topor, René Laloux from the novel Oms en série by Stefan Wul Produced by Simon Damiani and André Valio-Cavaglione Directed by René Laloux

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

What a fine introduction to an excellent movie. The animated Sci-fi tale Fantastic Planet played frequently in Los Angeles in the middle 1970s, but I
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Guest Review: A Bride-to-Be Praises "Bridesmaids" for Equal Parts Hilarity and Relatabilty

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The following guest review (from my now-wife) was originally published on May 10, 2011. It is being reposted for the film's home video release. The following is a review of "Bridesmaids" from my bride-to-be (in a month), Jennifer Drake. On the one hand, she is filling in because I could not attend the press screening myself. On the other hand, I thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of a woman who is both about to be married and also about to serve as a bridesmaid in a best friend's wedding. She says the latter is more relevant…
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