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Midsomer Murders in Denmark: British TV goes Nordic noir

Midsomer Murders is heading to Copenhagen for its 100th episode. What would happen if more British programmes had a Scandinavian restyle?

You can't escape the Nordic-noir influence on TV these days. And now Midsomer Murders is at it, heading to Denmark to film its 100th episode, The Killings at Copenhagen, in October.

Where will it end? Through the Keyhole, Nordic-style? The audience is shown the outside of a modern glass building in a remote setting on the edge of a forest. We're taken inside a sparse, open-plan living room where every item of Ikea furniture is arranged at an exact 45-degree angle to the walls. A pile of World of Interiors is displayed on a glass table. We walk up the wooden stairs to find blood seeping from under the bathroom door. We go in to find a woman with her throat cut. The presenter screams: "Oh my God. The
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'Frankie' ratings hold steady for penultimate episode on BBC One

Frankie held steady for its penultimate episode on Tuesday night, overnight data has revealed.

Eve Myles's BBC One drama gained around 70,000 viewers from last week to 3.99 million (18.2%) at 9pm. Later, music documentary Agnetha: Abba and After was seen by 2.58m (22.4%) at 10.45pm.

On BBC Two, Springwatch interested 2.49m (11.7%) at 8pm, followed by Town with Nicholas Crane with 1.36m (6.2%) at 9pm.

ITV's River Monsters attracted 2.01m (10.3%) at 7.30pm. Animal Heroes brought in 1.75m (8.3%) at 8pm, while Dirty Britain secured 2.08m (9.4%) at 9pm (204k/1.2% on +1).

On Channel 4, Embarrassing Bodies was seen by 1.26m (5.9%) at 8pm (235k/1.1%). New documentary series Child Genius debuted with 1.76m (8.0%) at 9pm (342k/2.0%).

Dates continued with 1.13m (6.1%) at 10pm (152k/1.4%), dipping 400,000 from last night.

Channel 5's new series Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun attracted 1.58m (7.5%) at 8pm. CSI continued with 1.79m (8.2%) at 9.15pm, followed by the final Body of Proof with 1.16m (6.7%) at 10pm.

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TV highlights 11/06/2013

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Gibraltar: Britain In The Sun | Child Genius | Town With Nicholas Crane | The Call Centre | Royal Academy Summer Exhibition: A Culture Show Special | Agnetha: Abba & After | The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Gibraltar: Britain In The Sun

8pm, Channel 5

There are at least two good reasons to go to live on Gibraltar: the climate is good; and, by and large, nothing much happens. Whether these are good reasons to make an observational documentary series about the tiny British Overseas Territory is quite another matter. That caveat aside, episode one of Gibraltar: Britain In The Sun does at least find some interesting characters to follow, notably Dr Eric Shaw, who looks after the island's 200 macaques and comes across like a veteran roadie happily going to seed. Jonathan Wright

Child Genius

9pm, Channel 4

Trumping Young Apprentice, particularly now it's been axed, is Child Genius, a televised contest to find the most prodigious tykes in the land.
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'Frankie' gains back over 500k viewers on BBC One

Frankie gained back over 500,000 viewers for its fourth episode on BBC One, overnight data reveals.

The Eve Myles drama recovered from its dip in the ratings last week due to a schedule-swap with The Apprentice, attracting 3.92 million viewers (18.3%) at 9pm.

Later, the documentary Unspeakable Crime: Rape was seen by 1.53m (14.2%) at 10.45pm.

On BBC Two, the Queen's Coronation 60th anniversary highlights brought in 1.13m (6.4%) at 7pm. Springwatch grabbed 2.55m (13.1%) at 8pm, followed by Town with Nicholas Crane with 1.64m (7.7%) at 9pm.

ITV's Animal Heroes attracted 1.79m (9.1%) at 8pm, while Dirty Britain secured 1.55m (7.2%) at 9pm (215k/1.3% on +1).

Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies Live entertained 1.25m (6.4%) at 8pm (180k/0.8%). 24 Hours in A&E interested 2.09m (9.8%) at 9pm (408k/2.5%), followed by its Making Of with 902k (5.6%) at 10pm.

On Channel 5, CSI thrilled 1.73m (8.1%) at 9.15pm, while Body of Proof was seen by 1.19m (7.2%) at 10pm.

BBC Three's new documentary series The Call
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TV highlights 04/06/2013

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Live Tennis: French Open | Animal Heroes | What Do Artists Do All Day? | Town With Nicholas Crane | 24 Hours In A&E | Mad Dogs | The Call Centre | The Unspeakable Crime: Rape

Live Tennis: French Open

12.30pm, ITV4

Last year's French Open quarter-finals offered up plenty of "zut alors!": the Roland Garros crowd witnessed two five-set thrillers in the men's draw, with both Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer surviving scares, and the continued re-emergence of Maria Sharapova, who would go on to win the women's title five days later. This year the potential for drama is enhanced by the presence of seven-time winner Rafael Nadal, who will seek to reassert his dominance after a lengthy absence from the game. Gwilym Mumford

Animal Heroes

8pm, ITV

Being an animal hero is a thankless task: you risk life and paw for your country and you don't even get to wear a fancy uniform. But
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Shameless: 1.3m viewers join final party | TV ratings - 28 May

Channel 4 drama ends with a 6.7% share, as ITV prospers by teaming up Britain's Got Talent and Coronation Street

Channel 4's longest-running drama, Shameless, bowed out after nearly a decade and 11 series with 1.3 million viewers on Tuesday night.

Anne-Marie Duff and Dean Lennox Kelly, among the actors Shameless helped propel to stardom, returned for the finale but could not help raise the show above a 6.7% audience share from 10pm.

The final series of Shameless, pretty much Channel 4's only long-running returning drama series of the past decade, opened with 1.7 million viewers and a 10.2% share in late February, but has been bumping along at just over 1 million viewers since then.

Shameless hit a ratings peak during its fourth series in early 2007, attracting up to 3.5 million viewers and a near 20% share for the early episodes of that run.

However, back then the show benefited from following Celebrity Big Brother, which
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'The Apprentice' loses 900,000 viewers on Tuesday

The Apprentice lost out to Britain's Got Talent in the battle of the TV competitions on Tuesday (May 28), overnight data reveals.

Moved from its usual Wednesday slot, the BBC One series lost almost 900,000 viewers from last week, dropping to 5.36 million viewers (21.0%) on average at 9pm. BBC Two's You're Fired! climbed to 2.11m (10.8%) at 10pm.

On ITV, Britain's Got Talent shed over a million viewers for its second live semi-final to win the night overall with 8.66m (36.5%) at 7.30pm. A further 387k (1.5%) tuned in on +1.

The results show attracted 7.13m (28.5%) at 9.30pm (453k/3.0% on +1). ITV2's Britain's Got More Talent entertained 711k (4.1%) at 10pm.

Later on BBC One, Ben Elton's The Wright Way continued with 1.54m (10.9%) at 10.45pm.

On BBC Two, Dan Snow's Locomotion documentary was seen by 1.40m (6.5%) at 7pm. Springwatch brought in 2.60m (10.7%) at 8pm, followed by Town with Nicholas Crane, securing 1.52m (5.9%) at 9pm.

Channel 4
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TV highlights 28/05/2013

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The Apprentice | Town With Nicholas Crane | Edward VIII: The Lion King | Elementary | Shameless | The Wright Way | Mob Wives | Basketball: NBA Conference Finals

The Apprentice

9pm, BBC1

Lord Sugar tells his competing wazzocks to pack for Dubai, the city of gaudy excess and needless acquisition. They'll fit right in. They must buy eight items for the opening of a new hotel and the owner is a very important client, a bit like Mr Udigawa in Neighbours. It's a straight test of their haggling skills but obviously there is confusion over what the items actually are, despite Dubai resident Zeeshaan heading up one of the teams. The boardroom meltdown at the end is a comedy classic. Julia Raeside

Town With Nicholas Crane

9pm, BBC2

Second instalment of geographer Nicholas Crane's three-part survey of those conurbations too small to possess the clout and allure of cities, and too big to be endowed
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'Frankie' drops 600,000 viewers for second episode on BBC One

Frankie dropped 600,000 viewers for its second episode on BBC One on Tuesday, overnight data reveals.

Eve Myles's drama still topped the night overall outside of soaps and news with 4.03 million viewers (18.8%) at 9pm.

Ben Elton's The Wright Way dipped 70,000 to 1.60m (12.2%) at 10.45pm.

On BBC Two, the Chelsea Flower Show coverage continued with 2.93m (14.1%) at 8pm. Nicholas Crane's Town series opened with 1.99m (9.3%) at 9pm.

ITV's River Monsters attracted 1.98m (10.2%) at 7.30pm (124k/0.6% on +1). Caroline Quentin's National Parks dipped 600k to 1.86m (8.9%) at 8pm (152k/0.7%).

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? quizzed 2.29m (10.7%) at 9pm (140k/0.9%).

On Channel 4, Embarrassing Bodies Live grabbed 1.30m (6.2%) at 8pm (352k/1.6%). Mary Queen of the High Street climbed slightly to 1.13m (5.3%) at 9pm (240k/1.5%).

Shameless's penultimate episode climbed to 1.00m (6.2%) at 10pm (131k/1.6%).

Channel 5's CSI entertained 1.90m (8.8%) at 9.15pm, followed by Body of Proof with 1.22m (7.3%) at 10pm.

On BBC Three,
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Town with Nicholas Crane; Love and Death in City Hall – TV review

Here's Mr Crane again, in a programme that's just Coast by another name

If you were thinking of giving up television for a week – I don't know, maybe for health reasons, or because you want to rediscover reading or sex or something – then this would be the week to do so. It's a bit desperate, there really is almost nothing of interest. It says something that the best I can come up with today is Town with Nicholas Crane (BBC2). Even the prosaic title isn't really getting me going. You? Sooo excited for Town with Nicholas Crane, can't wait. Oh my God, did you see Town with Nicholas Crane last night?

He's the Coast dude, you know, Gortexed and relentlessly optimistic. Now he's left the band and is going solo. Crane unplugged. For this first one he's in Oban on the west coast of Scotland. Ha, west coast you see
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TV highlights 21/05/2013

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Town with Nicholas Crane | Caroline Quentin's National Parks | Frankie | Love and Death in City Hall | Shameless | New Girl | Alexander's Lost World | Cycling: Giro d'Italia

Town with Nicholas Crane

9pm, BBC2

Without a modicum of charisma and eccentricity, Coast would have just been a programme about fish, forts and erosion. This spin-off presented by Nicholas Crane, a man not long on charm or quirk, duly feels a bit dry. Towns – runs the opening narration – where would we be without them? Some have harbours, some markets; isn't it interesting? Actually, no, it really isn't. That said, you do feel for the folk of Oban (tonight's featured town), a place where people are always passing through, never staying. It looks quite nice. John Robinson

Caroline Quentin's National Parks

8pm, ITV

In Caroline's final outing, she discovers that the most delightful way to explore the New Forest is by hot-air balloon.
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TV highlights – 08/05/2013

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Bankers | Coast | Scott & Bailey | Great Artists in Their Own Words | Danny Boyle: Man of Wonder – Extended | Justified | The Death of JFK Jr | Live Football: Chelsea v Tottenham Hospur


9pm, BBC2

It wasn't long ago that the word "bank" was synonymous with prudence, probity and reliability. The ongoing financial crisis, and the unsavoury revelations it has yielded, have changed that. This, the first of a three-part series, sets out to ask two questions: can we ever trust banks again, and what do we now want from them? It rises above the obvious answers – respectively "No", and "Their heads on sticks" – and tries to focus constructively on a way forward. An illuminating insight into what all our money got spent on. Andrew Mueller


8pm, BBC2

A selection of sea-related items round out tonight's series closer, including a look at some Russian submarines (to be drafted into action "if the
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TV highlights 03/04/2013

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Youngers | Coast | Scott & Bailey | Hillsborough: Never Forgotten | Hidden Killers Of The Victorian Home | Armageddon Outfitters


7.30pm, E4

Episode three of E4's music comedy-drama is packed full of teen awkwardness. A scorned Jodie circulates Jay's (Calvin Demba) collection of BlackBerry selfies, rendering him a Peckham pariah. Meanwhile, there are cringeworthy scenes galore for Yemi (Ade Oyefeso) as he continues to court Davina under the pretence of advancing her musical career. He can hardly conceal his crush, resorting to a fake phone call to feign popularity. Comedic, convincing take on today's teens, lapses in common sense and all. Hannah J Davies


8pm, BBC2

Coast is given its subject by the UK coastline, but the show mines its theme smartly, digging up no end of interesting stories. Wildlife is cool and everything, but the human stories are best, and Nick Crane's visit to Guernsey to uncover stories about the
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TV review: Coast; Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve

After seven years, it's time for Coast to pack up – I'm starting to recognise the gannets

Now that the painting of the Forth bridge has been finished, thanks to a triple layer of special glass flake epoxy developed for the offshore oil industry, we need a new metaphor for things that never get completed. I'm thinking Coast (BBC2, Sunday) could be it, as in: "It's a bit like Coast" (of the Hoovering, or whatever it is). Because it seems that almost as soon as Nick Crane and Neil Oliver and all the rest of the enthusiastic cagoule wearers complete a circuit of our isles, they set off round again – scaling cliffs, chipping away at rocks, unearthing tales of yore, meeting puffins and gannets and hardy folk who live life (literally) on the edge.

This is series seven, for God's sake! Can there really still be a headland that's been overlooked,
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Wg Sebald film takes journey to cliff's edge

The author's The Rings of Saturn starts as travelogue and ends in melancholy and horror – a new film, Patience (After Sebald) captures its mood admirably

I came late to Wg Sebald, in the early summer of 2010, although I'd known of him for years. He was one of those surname-only authors whose works it seemed everyone else had read – or else he would crop up stuffily in the footnotes of a certain sort of book.

So until I heard Will Self praising his work on the Today programme, he was simply a name on my to-do list. A task, you might say. Someone to read in hospital, if and when the time came.

But something about Self's enthusiasm persuaded me to buy The Rings of Saturn that lunchtime. Billed as an account of several days spent walking the Suffolk coast – territory I have known and loved since childhood – it ought to
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Celebrity Big Brother bounces back with 5.1 million viewers

Reality show's return featuring Jedward, Amy Childs and Tara Reid brings Channel 5 one of its biggest-ever audiences

Gallery: Who are the Celebrity Big Brother housemates?

The return of Celebrity Big Brother pulled in more than 5 million viewers, giving Richard Desmond's Channel 5 one of its biggest audiences ever.

Celebrity Big Brother, which featured housemates including Amy Childs, Tara Reid Sally Bercow and former The X Factor contestants Jedward, had an average of 5.1 million viewers between 9pm and 10.30pm, a 21.9% share of the audience.

It easily won its slot, beating BBC1's Torchwood: Miracle Day, which picked up 3.4 million viewers, a 14% share, and ITV1 cop drama Single-Handed, which drew 2.8 million viewers (11.4%).

Spin-off show Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side, began with 1.8 million viewers, a 13.2% share, between 10.30pm and 11.30pm.

Overall Channel 5 had a peak-time share of 9.8% between 6pm and 10.30pm, beating both BBC2 and Channel 4.

The Celebrity Big Brother
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TV turn-ons and turn-offs

This week's hits and misses


When The Circus Comes to Town

More startling black & whitery from Auntie's Pandemonium Nostalgia Show

Town with Nicholas Crane

Thunderous gesticulator packs Sandwiches; spreads arms; cartwheels across geo-study Of Perth

Village Sos

Rural rejuvenation beckons as beleaguered yokels make do/mend against backdrop of Camberwick greens

Monty Halls' Great Irish Escape

Heptagon-skulled explorer goes full O'Crusoe in North Face hermitwear. Craic levels: high


Who Do You Think You Are?

Why Do You Think We Care?

No more Camelot

Hollycloaks self-immolates amid collapsing narrative & abandoned buttocks. Rip ye berks

Channel 5's Croc Man

Station wrestles diffident Oxonian into inflatable Steve Irwin fun-suit; ignores mumbled protests; anoints him "reptile maverick!"

Peter Andre: Here 2 Help

Begone, coxcomb. Thine face is not worth sunburning

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TV matters: Orchestral overkill

Nicholas Crane's Town could have done with more natural noises and less intrusive background music

A new series about urban history and architecture seems likely to encourage many viewers to join in on one of the most common topics of complaint on the Radio Times letters page and audience feedback programmes. Nicholas Crane's Town (BBC2), which reaches its second episode tonight, is another intelligent series from the presenter of Coast and Great British Journeys, but my enjoyment was lessened by the nagging feeling that the transmission was suffering interference from the Proms on BBC4.

As Crane enters Scarborough, there's a burst of Scarborough Fair in the background; when he goes into a church, sacred choral music soars. Every piece to camera and voiceover has its instrumental underlining. The programme is almost underscored. An aerial shot brings leaping strings, startling anecdotes from the past get banging brass.

The technical
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TV highlights 04/08/2011

  • The Guardian - TV News
Air Crash: The Hudson River Landing | Torchwood: Miracle Day | Town With Nicholas Crane | Mob Stories | Hair Battle Spectacular | Trollied

Air Crash: The Hudson River Landing

8pm, Channel 5

When co-pilot Chesley Sullenberger guided an Airbus A320 on to the Hudson River after both of its engines had been disabled by a flock of geese, he was instantly and justly hailed as a hero. Such water landings, he would have known, are rarely successful, but he preserved his poise nonetheless and all 155 passengers and crew survived the incident. However, this documentary asks, given that modern airliners are supposed to be resistant to such bird strikes, how did they manage to cripple the plane's defensive system in this instance? David Stubbs

Torchwood: Miracle Day

9pm, BBC1

The Torchwoods shack up in a beachside house in California to plan their next move in the fight against PhiCorp, the global organisation that believes itself to be above any law.
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TV review: Town With Nicholas Crane; The Rattigan Enigma

Nicholas Crane is so enthusiastic a guide he seems about to hug a brick wall as historic as Tesco

You know when you're at school, and one day they just dump you all in a shopping centre with a list of inane questions – Where have you come from? How often do you make this short, inconsequential journey? What mundane item do you intend to buy? – and make you talk to strangers (after years of telling you not to), and the whole charade goes under the name "geography field trip"? Did it ever once occur to you that that was what geographers actually did? But it is! That's what they do! There's Nicholas Crane, in Ludlow, asking people how far they've come. "I've come from Pattingham," says a nice lady. "What I've learned," reports Crane later, "is that people have come from far and wide to this market!" His enthusiasm is infectious.
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