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Fox News Host Laura Ingraham And Guest Slam Facebook For “Targeting” The Right

Facebook’s decision earlier this week to ban seven far-right figures, including “Infowars” host Alex Jones, has drawn fire from Fox News host Laura Ingraham and conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

The Death of a Nation director appeared on The Ingraham Angle, where the two discussed the social media giant’s decision to crack down on “dangerous individuals.”

Also this week, Twitter blocked actor and prominent conservative James Woods, saying one of his tweets violated platform rules. The two decisions prompted Ingraham to suggest the platforms had gone too far.

“These companies are so big and they’re so powerful, they act almost as unregulated public utilities for information. This is a slippery slope, is it not?” Ingraham asked D’Souza.

“It certainly is,” he responded.

“The people who are doing this censorship, I don’t think it is well-intentioned,” he continued. “Remember, they are targeting people who have not advocated violence.
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Trump Unleashes Tweetstorm Defending White Nationalists Booted From Facebook

President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of tweets and retweets on Friday night and Saturday morning covering topics like the right-wing personalities who were booted off Facebook this past week and, of course, North Korea, which launched a short-range projectile off its coast Saturday morning, according to South Korean officials.

The tirade began with a tweet around 7 p.m. on Friday night where Trump, apparently misunderstanding that free speech doesn’t entitle a person to unlimited Facebook use, said he was going to “monitor the censorship of American Citizens on social media platforms.
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Snoop Dogg Calls For Louis Farrakhan Support On Facebook And Instagram, Dares Them To Ban Him

Snoop Dogg Calls For Louis Farrakhan Support On Facebook And Instagram, Dares Them To Ban Him
Joker’s Wild game show host, dinner party colleague of Martha Stewart, frequent film actor and rapper Snoop Dogg has issued an Instagram post decrying the ban of Louis Farrakhan from Facebook and Instagram.

Farrakhan, the controversial Nation of Islam minister, was among several conservative voices banned from the social media platforms this week for being “dangerous,” according to Facebook’s ruling. President Donald Trump said he is “monitoring” the situation, and many outraged politicians and media have stepped up a call for regulation of the platforms, along with search engines and other tech, for their policies of de-platforming unpopular views.

Snoop Dogg told his 31 million followers to post and share videos of Farrakhan, and dared Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram to ban him.

“If you’re down with it like I’m down with it, post your favorite Mr. Farrakhan videos on your Instagram and Facebook page,” Snoop Dogg
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President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

President Donald Trump was rocking on Twitter today, but it was something of a retweet storm, as the President found much to like in the comments on the platform supporting his views.

Those echoing his Friday tweet calling for “monitoring” of social media were particularly favored by Trump, as conservative voices affected by bans on Facebook and elsewhere rose up in protest.

The President also mentioned his call with Russian President Vladimir Putin – “very good call” – and basically took a “tsk tsk” approach to renewed missile testing by North Korea, saying “a deal will happen” on denuclearization.

The tweetstorm so far:

How can it be possible that James Woods (and many others), a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, is banned from Twitter? Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. Very Unfair!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 4, 2019

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President Donald Trump Warns Social Media On Conservative Bans, Says Will “Monitor” Situation

In the wake of Facebook’s new policy that bans certain conservative voices from the platform, President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that he will “monitor” social media sites for “censorship of “American Citizens.”

The President, who has met with social media leaders in the past over such practices as “shadow banning” and platform message removals, issued what amounted to his latest complaint that conservative voices are targeted by the various social media platforms and other tech firms, such as payments systems and search engines. To date, the complaints have not been heeded and have been denied, dismissed or excused as violations of community standards.

Facebook announced on Thursday that it was banning Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan. The individuals had their accounts, fan pages and affiliated groups removed on Facebook and its Instagram site. Facebook said they represented “dangerous” views that “promote or engage in violence or hate,
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Facebook And Instagram Permaban Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer For Posting Hate Content

After years of pressure to more stringently monitor hate content on its platforms, Facebook has banned a number of high-profile alt-right, anti-Muslim, and/or anti-Semitic people from its core site and from subsidiary Instagram.

Those now barred include notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (more on the specifics of that below), former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, alt-right conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson, Nation of Islam leader and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, and Laura Loomer, who’s been banned from Uber, Lyft, publishing platform Medium, and Twitter for espousing anti-Muslim rhetoric.

A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that all the above people’s accounts were extensively evaluated and found to violate the company’s policies against “dangerous individuals and organizations.”

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology,” they added.

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Facebook Announces Ban On Far-Right Figures In Bid For Good Press

  • Deadline
Desperate for some good press, Facebook announced Thursday it had designated Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and other right-wing extremists as “dangerous” and would jettison them from Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by the social media giant.

Playing catch-up with other platforms, Facebook added to its banned list Laura Loomer, who already had been banned by Twitter, PayPal, GoFundMe and Venmo.

Facebook’s list includes Paul Joseph Watson, and Paul Nehlen, the white supremacist who ran for Congress as a Republican from Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district in 2016 and 2018. Here too Facebook is playing catch-up, Nehlen having been banned by Twitter more than a year ago.

Also on the list: Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, known for anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Facebook previous said it had banned Jones and his InfoWars back in 2018. Jones, maybe best know for accusing children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School of being actors, found a home on Instagram,
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Facebook Bans InfoWars, Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, More

In the wake of the 2016 election, Facebook has been actively waging war against its reputation as a bastion of “fake news.” As a result, it’s been cracking down on content that propagates conspiracy theories (such as anti-vaxxer pages and groups) and booting people who violate its anti-hate speech guidelines. Now, it appears to be making good on its promises by banning high-profile figures, such as alt-right figure Paul Joseph Watson, Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan (who has previously voiced anti-Semitic views), right-wing personality Laura Loomer and alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopolous,
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Sarah Sanders Accused of Sharing Doctored InfoWars Video of Jim Acosta to Back Claim of ‘Inappropriate Behavior’

  • The Wrap
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been accused by media critics of using doctored video footage of CNN’s Jim Acosta that was previously promoted by the conspiracy-oriented website InfoWars to justify the revoking of Acosta’s press privileges at the White House.

“Where’d you obtain the distorted @Acosta video you posted?,” CNN media reporter Brian Stelter tweeted early Thursday. “InfoWars personality @PrisonPlanet posted the same video two hours before you did. Surely you don’t trust InfoWars…?”

Late Wednesday, Sanders doubled down on the decision to revoke Acosta’s press credentials, sharing a video of an incident between Acosta and a White House intern which she said showed his “inappropriate” behavior.

“We stand by our decision to revoke this individual’s hard pass,” said Sanders in a tweet that did not mention Acosta by name. “We will not tolerate the inappropriate behavior clearly documented in this video.
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Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ Joke About Wounded Vet Running For House Seat Draws Fire

  • Deadline
Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ Joke About Wounded Vet Running For House Seat Draws Fire
Condemnations are rolling in for Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson’s mocking a Gop House of Representatives candidate and war veteran’s eye patch.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is demanding an apology from NBC and Davidson for mocking Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw’s disability during a sketch last night. The Weekend Update diatribe by Davidson attacked various politicians and their alleged appearances.

Davidson, who compared politicans to a penis and a cigar, then joked about the former Navy Seal for wearing an eye patch. Crenshaw lost his eye during combat.

Crenshaw tweeted a reaction. “I hope @nbcsnl recognized that vets don’t deserve to see their wounds used as punchlines for bad jokes.”

Nrcc spokesperson Jack Pandol also criticized Davidson, and referred to the comedian’s closing comments, wherein he briefly explained his recent split with fiance and pop superstar Ariana Grande.

“Getting dumped by your pop star
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Twitter Locks Out James Woods Over Potentially ‘Misleading’ Tweet About Midterms

  • The Wrap
Twitter Locks Out James Woods Over Potentially ‘Misleading’ Tweet About Midterms
Actor James Woods was locked out of his Twitter account on Sunday for a tweet from July that the site said was in violation of its rules.

According to the Associated Press, Woods was suspended for a July tweet of a satirical meme that encouraged men not to vote in this November’s midterm elections.

The meme came from a hoax campaign with hashtags like #LetWomenDecide and #NoMenMidterms, with Woods admitting in his tweet that the campaign was “not likely” to be authentic. “Pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real,” he added.

Woods, who has 1.7 million followers for his brand of Hollywood conservatism, told the AP that he received an email from Twitter warning him that the meme “has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”

Also Read: James Woods Rips Fox News for 'Supermarket-Level Tabloid Nonsense'

According to the AP,
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Alex Jones’ InfoWars Terms of Service Makes the Same Argument Companies Used to Ban Him

Alex Jones’ InfoWars Terms of Service Makes the Same Argument Companies Used to Ban Him
Alex JonesInfoWars media brand has been banned from several social media and digital platforms this week over terms-of-service violations. But a look at InfoWars shows that the conspiracy focused website has many of the same regulations.

Deep within the site’s lengthy terms of service, InfoWars spells out its policies very clearly to potential contributors.

“We may review and delete any content you post on the Website or elsewhere utilizing our Services or System if we determine, in our sole discretion, that the content violates the rights of others, is not appropriate for the Website,” it reads.

Also Read: Paul Joseph Watson, Number 2 Star of Alex Jones' InfoWars, Avoids Social Media Purge - for Now

“If you violate these rules, your posts and/or user name will be deleted. Remember: you are a guest here. It is not censorship if you violate the rules and your post is deleted.
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Paul Joseph Watson, Number 2 Star of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, Avoids Social Media Purge – for Now

Paul Joseph Watson, Number 2 Star of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, Avoids Social Media Purge – for Now
Paul Joseph Watson, the No. 2 star on Alex Jones’ InfoWars platforms, appears to have emerged mostly unscathed after a sweeping social media purge on Monday removed much of the company’s content from sites like Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

As of Tuesday morning, Watson remained active on both Facebook and YouTube, using both platforms to vehemently denounce actions taken by the social media companies to ban and deplatform InfoWars content. Watson, who describes himself as editor at large on InfoWars, was also untouched on Twitter — which remains the only major social media platform to have taken no action in the InfoWars purge so far.

Watson has long been the company’s second most influential figure, with an audience often larger than Jones himself. As of this writing, Watson reaches more than 700,000 followers on Facebook, almost 900,000 on Twitter and more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Also Read: Twitter Won't Ban Alex Jones,
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James Woods Rips Google on Easter: ‘They Loathe Christians’

  • The Wrap
Google laid an egg on Easter as far as James Woods is concerned. “Once Upon a Time in America” star and noted conservative Woods ripped into tech giant Google on Easter Sunday, accusing the company of having an anti-Christian bias. Woods’ assessment came in response to a tweet from Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson, who took Google to task via his own social media account. Also Read: James Woods Fumes at Enterprise Rent-a-Car Over NRA Discount Decision “So Google has a doodle for every obscure ‘woke’ person/event imaginable but nothing for Easter?” Watson wrote. To which Woods responded, “They loathe Christians. Plain and simple.” TheWrap...
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