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Electrifying Horror/Thriller High Voltage Releases on DVD and Blu Ray November 20

Alex Keledjian’s Electrifying Horror Thriller High Voltage Releases on DVD and Blu Ray November 20, 2018Stars David Arquette, Luke Wilson And Allie Gonino Following a successful theatrical release in ten cities across the United States, Sp Releasing will launch writer/director Alex Keledjian’s (Project Greenlight; Feast) horror thriller High Voltage on DVD, and Blu-Ray on November …

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Film Review: ‘High Voltage’

  • Variety
Film Review: ‘High Voltage’
The notion of David Arquette starring in a horror movie about a “possessed” rock band promises so much trashy fun, a certain amount of disappointment seems almost inevitable. Yet “High Voltage” confounds expectations by being very little fun at all. Short on thrills and energy despite its title, this slick yet sluggish feature often seems barely interested in the horror elements that are, after all, what will primarily lure viewers in.

Instead, the genre hook comes off as more of a Trojan Horse with which to smuggle in a showcase for “Hollow Body”, the onscreen vehicle for writer-director Alex Keledjian’s songwriting and costar Allie Gonino’s singing. It’s an awkward, compromising combination that ultimately provides little satisfaction on any level — unless you’re content to watch Gonino model a series of increasingly over-the-top, midriff-baring “sexy rock chick” fashions.

Narrator Jimmy Kleen (David Arquette) is a jaded 1980s one-hit
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L.A. Music Scene Horror Thriller ‘High Voltage’ Gets Theatrical Jolt From Sp Releasing

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Sp Releasing has acquired rights to High Voltage, the horror thriller set in the Los Angeles music scene that was written, produced and directed by Project Greenlight creator Alex Keledjian. It had been called Hollow Body.

David Arquette, Allie Gonino, Perrey Reeves and Luke Wilson star in the pic, which is getting an October 19 day-and-date theatrical release in time for Halloween starting in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Detroit among 10 cities at launch via Sp Releasing’s output deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The plot centers on a struggling rock band led by washed-out rock star Jimmy Kleen (Arquette) that strikes a deal with a cynical record executive (Wilson). Things take a turn when the band’s lead singer Rachel (Gonino) and her controlling stage mother Barb (Reeves) are struck by lightening and killed. Rachel is brought back to life, but now lightning courses through her veins
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Rock horror Hollow Body set for VOD release this month, watch the trailer here

Goldfinch Studios has announced that its latest horror title, Hollow Body, will be released on Digital Download in the UK this month.

Directed by Alex Keledjian, Hollow Body revolves around a rock band’s quest for fame and stars Hollywood veterans Luke Wilson, David Arquette alongside the youthful talent Allie Gonino (10 Things I Hate About You).

Here’s the official synopsis, followed by the trailer…

The music business is a rough trade for Hollow Body, a struggling rock band led by washed-up guitarist Jimmy Kleen (Arquette) and Rick (Wilson), a shady record executive. After their latest show flops, the band’s shy lead singer Rachel is struck by lightning, transforming her into an out-of-control rock star seductress determined to push Hollow Body to the top. But when her bandmates discover Rachel’s electrifying methods of seduction and murder, they must decide how far they are willing to go to make it big.
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Lightning Strikes Twice in Alex Keledjian's Hollow Body: Early Details

Tagline: "Re-born to be Wild." A few details are emerging for Alex Keledjian's Hollow Body. This thriller involves a struggling rock band. When the lead singer and her mother are struck by lightning, Rachel (Allie Gonino) lets loose an electrifying performance. The film stars: Luke Wilson, David Arquette and Ryan Donowho. This title was recently at the Cannes Film Festival. Now, a poster, stills and other promotional materials are available for this title. The official synopsis begins and ends with Rachel. She is apprehensive when performing in front of a crowd. Then, an act of God infuses here with new talents. But, she must kill again and again, to keep her supernatural singing voice going. Will a shady record exec' do the right thing? The first film poster puts Rachel front and center. Possibly a love triangle, Rick (Luke Wilson) and Jimmy (David Arquette) struggle over what to do with Rachel's new,
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The Red Road

Network: SundanceTV

Episodes: 12 (hour)

Seasons: Two

TV show dates: February 27, 2014 -- May 7, 2015

Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Martin Henderson, Jason Momoa, Julianne Nicholson, Tamara Tunie, Kiowa Gordon, Allie Gonino, Annalise Basso, and Tom Sizemore.

TV show description:      

A missing college student in rural Walpole, New Jersey brings longstanding tensions between the Native Americans and the local townsfolk to a rolling boil. Painful past tragedies between the populations now simmer with new conflicts in the desaturated landscape.

In this town, every exchange is mired in decades of discomfort. When every action seems doomed to birth yet another disaster, no one remains above distrust for long.

Reckless teenage lovers Rachel Jensen (Allie Gonino) and Junior Van Der Veen (Kiowa Gordon) pretend their passions cross the troubled water, but
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Baby Daddy Stars Talk Riley's Answer, What's Next for Ben in Season 5

Baby Daddy Stars Talk Riley's Answer, What's Next for Ben in Season 5
So, Baby Daddy fans, was it worth the wait?

After a six-month hiatus, the Freeform comedy returned for its fifth season on Wednesday, at which point Riley finally answered Danny’s big proposal (after faking amnesia and stalling for another half hour, of course). And although the couple isn’t technically engaged, I think we all shared in Riley’s joy when she ultimately slipped on Danny’s “someday” ring.

RelatedBaby Daddy Exclusive: The Lying Game‘s Allie Gonino to Recur as Ben’s [Spoiler]

Meanwhile, Ben found himself dating his new (pregnant) neighbor, while Bonnie and Brad pulled out
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Baby Daddy Video: Does Ben Meet His New Riley in the Season 5 Premiere?

Baby Daddy Video: Does Ben Meet His New Riley in the Season 5 Premiere?
When it comes to rebound romances, Baby Daddy‘s Ben Wheeler is basically a human rubber band.

RelatedBaby Daddy Season 5 Exclusive: The Lying Game‘s Allie Gonino to Recur as Ben’s [Spoiler]

The Freeform comedy returns for its fifth season on Wednesday (8:30/7:30c), picking up mere moments after Danny’s big proposal to Riley. But if you thought it would take Ben forever and a day to find his next potential conquest, you obviously don’t know Jean-Luc Bilodeau’s character very well.

TVLine has an exclusive clip from the premiere, which finds Ben spitting game — or
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Baby Daddy: Jonathan Silverman to Get Weird With Bonnie in Season 5

Baby Daddy: Jonathan Silverman to Get Weird With Bonnie in Season 5
The Danny-Riley-Ben love triangle might be at the forefront of Baby Daddy‘s Feb. 3 return (Freeform, 8:30/7:30c), but don’t think for a second that Bonnie’s going to let her sons hog all the fun.

RelatedBaby Daddy Season 5 Exclusive: The Lying Game‘s Allie Gonino to Recur as Ben’s [Spoiler]

Jonathan Silverman (Getting On) will guest-star in a Season 5 episode, TVLine has learned exclusively, playing a man who meets Melissa Peterman’s character under unusual circumstances. (Spoiler alert: She accidentally drugs him.)

RelatedBaby Daddy Boss Explains Danny’s Proposal, Reveals Plans for Season 5

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Pretty Little Liars Season 6B to Feature New Intro — Find Out What's Changing

Just when you thought Pretty Little Liars couldn’t introduce any more changes into Season 6B — we’re still adjusting to Spencer’s bangs! — executive producer Marlene King announced that the ABC Family drama will also be giving a much-needed update to its intro.

RelatedFall TV Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop and Photos on 43 Returning Favorites!

As you probably know, the current Pll intro — introduced in 2010 during Season 1 — features the four main girls standing behind Alison’s casket as The Pierces’ “Secret” plays in the background. After a series of stolen glances between the girls, the camera zooms in on Aria, whose
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Empire-Fueled Fox, ABC Family Top GLAAD's Annual Lgbt Inclusion Study

Empire-Fueled Fox, ABC Family Top GLAAD's Annual Lgbt Inclusion Study
GLAAD on Thursday released its ninth annual (and final) Network Responsibility Index, which takes stock of Lgbt representation on television. And for the very first time, a broadcast network, Fox, earned a grade of “Excellent.”

RelatedEmpire Boss Opens Up About Lessons Learned, Season 2 Guest Star Concerns and the One Twist Pulled Out of a Hat

In coupling Empire‘s arrival with Glee‘s swan song, Fox accomplished that feat with a 45.4 percent inclusion rate — or, Lgbt impressions in 196 out of 424 original programmed hours — up 9 percent from 2014 and marking the highest percentage GLAAD has tracked for a Big 5 network since the
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Pretty Little Liars, Five Years Forward: Where Is Everyone in Season 6B?

It’s been two weeks since Pretty Little Liars made good on its promise to reveal “A,” and while we’ve finally accepted the alphabetical menace’s true identity, there’s one thing we can’t stop thinking about: that five-year time jump!

RelatedPretty Little Liars Boss on Charles’ Transition, Ali’s New Man and the Show’s Future After Season 7

Who’s Alison’s new doctor husband? Which “He” is after the girls? Who put that fat honker of an engagement ring on Hanna’s finger (if not Caleb)? And, of course, what inspired Spencer to get bangs?
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Baby Daddy Season 5: The Lying Game's Allie Gonino to Recur as Ben's [Spoiler]

Baby Daddy Season 5: The Lying Game's Allie Gonino to Recur as Ben's [Spoiler]
Now that Baby Daddy‘s big love triangle has reached its end, it’s time for Ben to set his sights on someone new — and it sounds like he’s already found her.

RelatedBaby Daddy Boss Explains [Spoiler]’s Proposal, Reveals Plans for Season 5

Allie Gonino, best known to ABC Family junkies as The Lying Game‘s Laurel Mercer, will recur in the comedy’s upcoming fifth season, TVLine has learned exclusively. She’ll play Sam, a girl who applies for the manager position at Ben and Danny’s bar — and did I happen to mention she was Ben’s high school crush?
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The Red Road Exclusive Sneak Peek: Junior Says An Emotional Goodbye to Rachel

Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy, and that’s definitely the case for Junior when he calls Rachel in this Thursday’s episode of The Red Road. In this exclusive sneak peek from the episode, Junior reaches out to Rachel because he wants to talk to her one last time before he goes after Levi. When she asks him to come over, Junior tells her that he can’t because he’s in Connecticut, and he soon begins to worry Rachel, as he tells her that he knows what he has to do, that he’s not confused, no matter what anyone says. It’s an incredibly emotional scene, as Junior looks for love and understanding from the person who matters most to him, and both Kiowa Gordon and Allie Gonino are terrific in it. Check out the clip, along with SundanceTV’s full description for this week’s episode,
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The Red Road Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek: Harold Finds Himself in a Dark Situation

It’s been almost a year since the six-episode debut season of SundanceTV’s The Red Road ended. However, in just over a week, the series will be back for its much anticipated second season, with Jason Momoa’s Phillip Kopus returning home after having been released from jail and Harold (Martin Henderson) still struggling to deal with the many issues going on in Walpole. We at TVOvermind have an exclusive first look at The Red Road‘s Season 2 premiere, which proves that things haven’t gotten much easier for Harold and company since we last saw them, as they find themselves in dark (literally) and dangerous situation. In addition to Momoa and Henderson, The Red Road stars Julianne Nicholson as Jean Jensen, Tamara Tunie as Marie, Antoni Corone as Captain Warren, Kiowa Gordon as Junior, Allie Gonino as Rachel Jensen, Tom Sizemore as Jack Kopus, and Wes Studi as Chief Levi Gall.
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Fun Size Horror Film #7: Josh C. Waller’s “The Collection”

This is it, our very last Fun Size Horror short film. We’ve caught a late-night sacred ceremony, heard voices, seen what happens when you pop in the Ninja Masters IV: The Possession VHS, watched two zombie apocalypse survivors go head-to-head, seen a hand with a face on it puke up bad eggs and experienced the wrath of Mr. Hendrix, but now it’s time to find out what horrors Lance Reddick is capable of in “The Collection,” a short about a young woman who’s thrilled to do a modeling session with a famous photographer (Reddick). This one comes from Josh C. Waller who made his feature directorial debut with Raze starring Zoe Bell. He’s also behind the crime drama McCanick with David Morse, Cory Monteith and Mike Vogel and is also busy developing three new projects - a genre-bending action film, another about what it takes to
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Fun Size Horror Film #5: Max Isaacson’s “Bad Eggs”

You ever think you’d see a horror film featuring hands with faces on them? Well, the time has come. Our latest Fun Size Horror short film is here and it’s about a hand with a face named Bertrand who ate some bad eggs and now has an unusual stomachache. This one was written and directed by Max Isaacson. He only just finished directing his first short film, Whispers, but he has credits on a number of other shorts, a bunch of which I’ve actually seen and loved. He did special effects on the SXSW 2013 Midnighter, The Apocalypse, and was also the production designer on Tick Tock Time Emporium. Hit the jump to check out Isaacson’s Fun Size Horror contribution, “Bad Eggs,” and don’t forget, you can find more Fun Size Horror films on Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, Shock Till You Drop and Badass Digest. We
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Allie Gonino Talks The Red Road, Initially Being Told She Didn’t Get the Role, Exploring a Romeo & Juliet Love Story, and More

On the SundanceTV drama series The Red Road, lines will be crossed when tragedy forces two men – a mesmerizing ex-con named Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa) and an embattled local police officer named Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) – to face the secrets of their past. As these two men find themselves increasingly compromised by one another, the lives of both, and everyone around them, quickly unravel. Before the series returns for its recently announced second season in 2015, you can read this exclusive interview with Collider, where actress Allie Gonino (who plays Harold and Jean Jensen’s eldest daughter, Rachel) talked about how she came to be a part of the show, having originally been told that she didn’t get the role, why she was close to quitting the business, how she most related to this character, exploring a Romeo and Juliet type of love story, the family dynamic, working with Jason Momoa,
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The Red Road, Ep. 1.04, “The Bad Weapons” handles its characters with care

The Red Road, Season 1, Episode 4, “The Bad Weapons”

Written by Bridget Carpenter

Directed by Lodge Kerrigan

Airs Thursdays at 9pm Est on SundanceTV

This week, on The Red Road: Jean gets a diagnosis, Rachel breaks it off, and Phillip gets drunk

Two thirds of the way through its inaugural season, The Red Road is somewhat of a puzzle. It has interesting, well-explored characters and an appropriately teased slow-burn Deep Dark Past mystery. Where it falls down is its pacing and urgency- very little of interest is happening in the present. There’s plenty the characters don’t know but due to the split narrative approach, following each of our leads through the past several weeks rather than adhering to one or another’s Pov, the audience has these answers and that, combined with the strong sense that the central trio is here to stay, leaves the show sputtering on
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The Red Road, Ep. 1.03, “The Woman Who Fell from the Sky” is an entertaining middle installment

The Red Road, Season 1, Episode 3, “The Woman Who Fell from the Sky”

Written by Bridget Carpenter

Directed by J. Michael Muro

Airs Thursdays at 9pm Est on SundanceTV

This week, on The Red Road: Jean starts to stabilize, Phillip spends some quality time with his dad, and Rachel has terrible taste in boyfriends

The Red Road continues this week with an entertaining, if not hugely memorable, table-setting episode. With only six episodes in the first season, there’s not much opportunity for multiple dramatic peaks and valleys, so it’s not surprising that episode three features some fallout from the characters’ various poor choices in episodes one and two and a few new touches, but no fireworks. These are presumably coming later, as we build towards the finale. As a middle episode, however, “The Woman Who Fell from the Sky” works well, expanding Phillip’s circle and focusing in a bit more on Rachel.
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