Monsters Inside Me: Season Eight Coming to Animal Planet in October

The monsters are back just in time for Halloween. Recently, Animal Planet announced season eight of Monsters Inside Me will premiere in October.Hosted by biologist Dan Riskin, the docuseries "provides scientific perspective on the cringe-worthy creatures making their homes within the hidden crevices of our bodies."Read More…
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Science Channel to Broadcast Live as the Rosetta Probe Crashes into a Comet

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Akin to a science fiction blockbuster, the Rosetta spacecraft has traveled over four billion miles to try and achieve what no other ship has ever done: catch a comet. In 2014 Rosetta caught up with its quarry and now, only 62 miles apart and at the end of its mission, Rosetta will collide comet 67P as it enters our inner solar system. The final stages of the mission will be showcased in the Science Channel documentary “Death on a Comet: The Rosetta Mission.”

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Rosetta’s first contact with comet 67P was broadcast on the Science Channel’s “Landing on a Comet: Rosetta Mission.” In 2014, the Philae probe sent to land on the comet was lost, but recently discovered, and its reemergence has provided scientists with a wealth of information about comets.

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Monsters Inside Me: Animal Planet Series Returns in October

Monsters Inside Me is coming back to Animal Planet. The network announced the return of the series last week, and fans of the series do not have long to wait.Monsters Inside Me will return on October 6. Find out more about the season ahead from the press release below:Forget scorpions, snakes and spiders; the new season of Animal Planet's Monsters Inside Me is what will keep you up at night. The frightening-fan-favorite series returns Thursday, October 6 at 10 Pm Et/Pt with cases that are truly the stuff of nightmares. Biologist Dr. Dan Riskin is back as host and provides scientific perspective on the terrors plaguing these unsuspecting victims.The new season kicks off with a special episode looking back at three of the craziest cases that have stumped viewers. The shocking stories continue with 15 new cases
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College Student Fights Parasite Eating Her Eyeball After Sleeping with Her Contacts

College Student Fights Parasite Eating Her Eyeball After Sleeping with Her Contacts
This should make you think twice about sleeping in your contact lenses.

The new episode of Animal Planet's Monsters Inside Me tells the terrifying, true story of Melanie, an Iowa college student whose opthamologist discovered she had a rare parasite eating her eye after she complained of light sensitivity and pain.

"What makes the Acanthamoeba paraside so dangerous is their ability to burrow deep into the tissue of the eyeball," biologist Dan Riskin says in a clip exclusive to People. "Once there, they can be hard to remove or even treat, which allows the parasites to feed on the host's cells unchecked.
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What to TiVo: Friday

8:00 Shark Tank (new) 9:00 Primetime: What Would You Do? (new) 10:00 20/20 (new) 12:00 Jimmy Kimmel Live (repeat, with guests Norm Macdonald and Elisha Cuthbert) 8:00 Chaos (new) 9:00 CSI: NY (repeat) 10:00 Blue Bloods (repeat) 11:50 Late Show With David Letterman (new, with guest Tina Fey) 12:52 Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (new, with guests Robin Wright and Dan Riskin) 8:00 Kitchen Nightmares (new) 9:00 Fringe (new) 8:00 Friday Night Lights (new, season premiere) 9:00 Dateline NBC (new) 11:35 Tonight Show With Jay Leno (new, with guests John Travolta and Leslie Mann) 12:35 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (repeat, with guests Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro) 8:00 Smallville (new) 9:00 Supernatural (new) 9:00 Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best (new) 9:30 Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best (new) 10:00 The Soup (new) 10:30 Fashion Police (new)
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Pajiba After Dark 1/20/11

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So, um... that happened. Anyway, there's some different stuff happening tonight; a couple shows got moved around ("Bones" and "30 Rock") a couple new shows are premiering ("Fairly Legal" and "Perfect Couples"), and perhaps most importantly I'm doing my absolute damndest not to mention any sort of food products that may or may not be made with tortillas and which are most assuredly not the native food of any Us commonwealths. Even though I kind of wanted to because Ms.Shahi in the picture over there used to be on "The L-Word" and there's some really terrible and salacious puns to be made, perhaps some involving specifically flavored kisses but No! None of that. Here's your Thursday night TV:

8:00pm: "American Idol" on Fox.

"The Big Bang Theory" on CBS

"Community" on NBC

"Wipeout: Winter Wipeout" on ABC. I'm thinking I might actually watch this. It's been one of those
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Look Who's Talking! 'Extra's' Talk Show Roundup

Look Who's Talking! 'Extra's' Talk Show Roundup
Here's "Extra's" roundup of talk show guests for the week of Jan. 17 - 21, including Seth Rogen on "Ellen" and Betty White stopping by "The View." Natalie Portman stays up late for "Conan," and Cameron Diaz checks-in at the "Lopez Tonight."


"The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Mon 1/17: Seth Rogen, Deena Nicole Cortese, Bruno Mars

Tues 1/18: Jennifer Lopez, Matt Bomer

Wed 1/19: Natalie Portman, Eric Ross

Thurs 1/20: Amy Poehler

Fri 1/21: Dr. Drew Pinsky
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Pajiba After Dark 7/20/10

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There's a lot of days I like writing Pajiba After Dark, but lately it's been getting a little rough. Seems every other column there's some jackass reminding me that I'm not providing any information that can't be found in a TV Guide (which, by the way when are you writing those comments from, 1990? Who the fuck uses a TV Guide anymore? Isn't there a button on your remote which says "Guide" or are you still changing the channels with knobs while a radiation burn forms on your carpet?) which, duh. I mean, what information do we have on this site that can't be found somewhere else? And then last night I got one of those nutfucks while all of you were over partying on Robert's new column because why? Because he's Canadian? Like that makes him special, seems like every third one of you out there sweats Labatts while riding
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