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Insights: VidCon And Its Influencers Are Bigger Than Ever, But What About The Kids?

Did you make it to VidCon last week? I hope so. I always tell people in entertainment, marketing and advertising that they should go at least once, to understand the customers they'll be talking to for the rest of their careers.

This year's show was another total sensory overload. As co-founder Hank Green might put it, the show fully utilizes the vast Anaheim Convention Center and spills over into neighboring hotels and beyond.

It was, generally speaking, pretty great, if pretty overwhelming. My only concern, as VidCon gets bigger, more tightly controlled and more intensely siloed, is whether it will still provide that same visceral understanding of the influencer industry's intensely connected fans. Basically, can the premier event for Irl connecting of the amorphous mass of digital stars, support businesses, multiplying platforms and fracturing fandoms continue to be its best connector as it grows and changes?

When I tell Hollywood
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Hank Green’s Internet Creators Guild To Shutter, Citing No “Path To Financial Stability”

The Internet Creators Guild (Icg) -- a nonprofit launched by online luminary and VidCon co-founder Hank Green in 2016 -- is closing its doors, the organization’s board of directors shared in an email to members, stating that it does not see “a path to financial stability” nor “a way to support the staff necessary to continue our mission.”

Since its inception, the Icg has sought to: increase transparency in brand deals, assist creators who were being treated unfairly by advertisers or platforms, interfaced with journalists, and provided opportunities for creators to connect with one another.

In its memo, however, the organization explains that it was no longer feasible to soldier onward. The Icg attributes its shutdown to: the fact that content creation is extremely vast for one organization to represent across genres and mediums; platform negotiations with the Icg frequently had to be kept in confidence, thus limiting the organization's
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Science Lover Hank Green Launches New YouTube Series About Microscopic Life

YouTube vet and science enthusiast Hank Green has just announced his latest digital series venture, which will cover various forms of microscopic life -- the majority of which will be aquatic.

Titled Journey To The Microcosmos, the Green-narrated show premiered today on a brand new YouTube channel, with music by Andrew Huang and footage from pond scum expert James Weiss of Jam’s Germs. Weiss, who is based in Europe, cultivates numerous colonies of microorganisms in his home, and the life forms featured on the show will be collected from puddles, ponds, soils, and seas, Green says -- from algae living on supermarket blueberries to organisms living on permafrost hailing from Siberia.

The show is produced by Complexly Media, Hank and brother John Green’s video production company that is dedicated to understanding humanity and the world around us. Complexly produces the Green brothers' other shows, including their SciShow YouTube
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VidCon Hires First Content Director, Enters Original Programming Fray With Inaugural Series

VidCon is going beyond its flagship Irl business of conference production to join the original programming fray.

The Viacom-owned video convention, which was launched by YouTube vets John and Hank Green in 2010, wants to touch fans around the clock with a new digital series called VidCon Now. To this end, the company has hired Stacey Kelly as VidCon’s first content director. She will oversee the development of the show -- premiering today across VidCon’s various social media channels -- and report to VidCon Gm Jim Louderback.

VidCon Now, which is being produced under the auspices of Viacom Digital Studios, will seek to celebrate creators by sharing their latest projects and supporting nascent voices. New episodes will premiere on Tuesdays, Thursdays, on Saturdays on YouTube, Igtv, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Each episode will comprise three recurring segments: top new stories about content creators or trends in the digital space; Icymi,
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TanaCon Founder Tana Mongeau To Attend VidCon As A ‘Featured Creator’

TanaCon founder Tana Mongeau is making her grand return to VidCon this year after having had a checkered relationship with the famed video convention. The timely reunion is likely due to the fact that Viacom owns both VidCon and MTV -- with whom the 20-year-old has a reality series dubbed MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 arriving later this year.

Last year, Mongeau announced TanaCon -- a rival convention after VidCon had repeatedly declined to name her as 'Featured Creator' and unceremoniously booted her from the event in 2017. The disastrous TanaCon venture, however, was promptly shut down due to safety concerns and quickly became a cautionary tale, generating substantial backlash as well as a Shane Dawson-produced docuseries that sought to get to the bottom of the mess while providing some redemption for the beleaguered vlogger..

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Indie Spotlight: ‘Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ Star Ashley Clements Reveals ‘Macbeth’ Retelling Set In Silicon Valley

Ashley Clements, the powerhouse actress who starred in Hank Green and Bernie Su’s Emmy- and Streamy-winning YouTube web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, has successfully funded a new creative project.

She and her team raised $31,560 on Kickstarter to produce 10-episode series A Tale Told by an Idiot. Pitched as “Shakespeare meets Silicon Valley,” the series is a modern retelling of Macbeth where the titular and main characters run an indie virtual reality game company.

Clements is the series’ co-creator, writer, producer, and lead actress. She’ll play Beth, the modernized Lady Macbeth — who, as in the original play, may be the story’s real star after all…

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VidCon Sets Lineup With Influencers & Execs From YouTube, Twitter, WWE & More

VidCon has unveiled the influencers and executive lineup for its 10th annual gathering, which is set for July 10-13 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Alongside such digital talent as Hannah Hart, Poppy, Rickey Thompson, The Try Guys, Kandee Johnson, Miles Jai and VidCon founders Hank Green and John Green will be execs from the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Snap, TikTok, LinkedIn, Complex Media, World Wrestling Entertainment, Baidu and more.

YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan will deliver the Industry Creator Keynote at the social online video conference on July 11.

More than 150 speakers will participate on this year’s Industry Track, which focuses on the core themes of creative monetization and innovation; data and performance, where influencer marketing is going; Ar Vr and immersive technologies; engaging and building global communities in a multiplatform world; and the continuum between “online video” and traditional media.

“Throughout the last decade, VidCon has evolved
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John And Hank Green Launch 11th Annual ‘Project For Awesome’ Charity Campaign

Project For Awesome, an 11-year-old charitable initiative founded by YouTube luminaries John and Hank Green and bowing each holiday season, has officially gone live.

P4A, as the venture is often abbreviated, encourages thousands of VlogBrothers fans to post videos advocating for the charities that are meaningful to them via videos submissions, which are currently being accepted through Dec. 9. These clips are then featured on the P4A website and voted on by community members as to which will ultimately receive funding from a just-launched Indiegogo campaign.

The first crop of funds raised on Indiegogo (from Dec. 5 to Dec. 8) will benefit two charities selected by the Green brothers: Partners In Health and Save the Children. The second crop of funds (raised between Dec. 8 and Dec. 11) will benefit charities selected by the P4A community. The Indiegogo campaign has already raised $11,000 from nearly 300 backers of a $300,000 goal.

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10 Incredible Books From This Year That Need to Be on Your Reading List

The TV and film industry may have its up and downs, but you can always count on the literary world to put out a good book. Whatever you found yourself yearning for this year, 2018 was happy to provide. There were smashing, fantastical debuts from emerging writers like Hank Green and Tomi Adeyemi. There were gripping tales from experienced scribes like Stephen King and Liane Moriarty. New, sharp wit from David Sedaris. Thrillers, mysteries, and sensational fiction. If you're looking for things to add to your reading list, look no further than this staggering list of 2018 books. It should keep you busy for all of next year - and hey, plenty of these are perfect for Popsugar's 2019 Reading Challenge. Not sure about you, but I'm not seeing a downside.

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Hank Green Bows ‘SciShow Tangents’ Podcast Inspired By Hit YouTube Channel

After fraternal YouTube superstars John and Hank Green inked a podcasting pact with public broadcaster Wnyc earlier this fall, the deal called for the relaunch of two existing podcasts and the debut of a third. Now, the brothers have unveiled that new endeavor -- SciShow Tangents, billed as “a lightly competitive knowledge showcase full of wit and weirdness,” according to Wnyc.

The weekly series builds on the brothers’ popular YouTube channel of the same name, which reaches an impressive 5.4 million subscribers. SciShow Tangents will feature Hank, series writer Ceri Riley, cartoonist Sam Schultz, and producer Stefan Chin as they try to one-up one another with weird and funny scientific research in every episode. The first installment, bowing on Tuesday, will cover hoaxes, unusual medical ailments, and an 18th century woman who claimed to give birth to rabbits.

Wnyc released today the audio trailers for all three podcasts, including the two
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Meet The First Winning Class Of VidCon’s ‘Emerging Creator Grant Program’

In June, during his keynote address to conclude the ninth annual VidCon, event co-founder Hank Green unveiled the Emerging Creator Grant Program, whereby the Viacom-owned convention pledged to distribute $2,000 to emerging creators weekly over the course of one year.

And now, VidCon has announced the first class of recipients of the nationwide program, which has just gone live. The 13 initial recipients were hand-selected by Green in collaboration with the VidCon production team, and the lineup features both familiar faces and nascent YouTube creators who are relatively new to the scene. For instance, longtime YouTube viewers might recognize vets like comedy creator Nicola Foti and African American vlogger Jouelzy -- who are being recognized alongside promising newcomers like soundtrack analyst Andrew Smith and fan artist Kately McCaigue.

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VidCon To Spotlight Og YouTubers Like Tay Zonday, Brittani Louise Taylor At 10th Annual Gathering

To celebrate a decade of VidCons, the storied digital convention has announced a new class of ‘Featured Creator’ for this year's event -- or the YouTube stars who are invited free of charge and featured prominently across panels and programming.

This year, as VidCon winks back to its founding days, the Viacom-owned conference will spotlight a handful of Og YouTube stars it's referring to as 'Founding Featured Creators' -- or early viral stars who have attended VidCon since its inception. Nevertheless, many of these creators are no longer active on the platform today.

The initial roster includes controversy-ridden vlogger and entrepreneur Shay Carl, top BuzzFeed exec Ze Frank, deep-voiced crooner Tay Zonday, Lgbtq commentary creator Michael Buckley, musician Dave Days, music video parody artist Brittani Louise Taylor, retired vlogger Will Hyde, and singer Julie Nunes. VidCon founders John and Hank Green have also included themselves within the Founding Featured Creator class,
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Joey Graceffa, Hannah Hart, LaurDIY to Attend VidCon as Featured Creators (Exclusive)

  • The Wrap
Joey Graceffa, Hannah Hart, LaurDIY to Attend VidCon as Featured Creators (Exclusive)
Joey Graceffa, Hannah Hart and LaurDIY are just three of the 75 “Featured Creators” that will attend Viacom’s 10th annual VidCon U.S.

The company announced its first round of Featured Creators on Tuesday morning, which includes VidCon founders John Green and Hank Green, along with Miles McKenna, Tré Melvin, Karina Garcia, Jon Cozart, MyLifeasEva, Ricky Dillon, Safiya Nygaard, and Rafi and Benny Fine. The first round slate is available for viewing at VidCon.com.

To commemorate VidCon‘s 10th anniversary, the company is also bringing back creators who were at the first VidCon, including some of the web’s earliest viral stars like Tay Zonday, who went viral after producing and singing an original he dubbed Chocolate Rain, a video that now has more than 100 million views. Other “Founding Featured Creators” will include Michael Buckley, Julia Nunes and Brittany Louise Taylor.

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YouTube’s ‘Brothers Green’ Sign With Nashville-Based Made In Network

Nashville-based multi-channel network Made In Network has added YouTube’s other 'Green' brothers to its roster.

Josh and Mike Greenfield -- not to be confused with John and Hank Green -- are the hosts of a popular cooking channel dubbed Brothers Green Eats, which has amassed more than 1.2 million subscribers and 102 million lifetime views. The Greenfields, who live in Brooklyn, pride themselves on stoner-friendly dishes that don’t require fancy equipment to make. They have created three recurring series on their YouTube channel: Sandwich Series, Food Fixers, and What You Can Cook For. In 2015, the channel spawned an MTV International cooking and music show of the same name that aired in 150 countries.

Made In Network reps some of the largest food channels on YouTube, including Binging With Babish and Hellthy Junkfood -- as well as the famed Pomeranian JiffPom. All told, its channels garners more than 100 million monthly views. The company provides channel management,
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Social media entertainment could be the future of the screen industry, so let’s not strangle it with regulation

RackaRacka (Photo: Screen Australia).

Until 2010, the pathway to success in the screen industry depended on convincing broadcasters and film producers to give to you airtime or production resources. These days, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone.

A new creative industry has been born in the last decade called “social media entertainment”. It’s peopled by young entertainers and activists who you may never have heard of: Hank Green, Casey Neistadt, PewDiePie and Tyler Oakley.

PewDiePie on a panel with fellow creators at a gaming culture festival in 2015. camknows/Flickr, Cc By-nc-sa

These creators started out as amateurs, but have evolved into media professionals who make money from content they publish on social media platforms. They are incubating their own media brands, building global fan communities, and enhancing Australia’s profile among young people around the world.

The Australian government is currently conducting separate inquiries
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Hank Green’s ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ Debuts At No. 1 On New York Times Best Sellers List

After hitting shelves last week amid widespread critical acclaim, sales for Hank Green’s debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, appear to be following suit.

The novel, about a bisexual art school student who inadvertently makes first contact with aliens, has debuted at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list in the 'Hardcover Fiction' cartegory . This marks the novel’s first week on the charts, which serves as a de facto measure of success within the publishing industry. In the category combining hardcover and ebook sales, however, Thing debuted in the No. 2 position behind Vince Flynn: Red War, an adventure novel about a plot by the Russian Prime minister to invade the Baltics.

Green was uncharacteristically speechless in response to the honor, simply tweeting:

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Your (Geeky) Fall Book Guide

Kayti Burt Oct 4, 2018

From Mecha Samurai Empire to The Monster Baru Cormorant, we've got you covered with these nerdy book recommendations.

It's fall! Which means it's time to curl up with a good book. Need some recommendations? We've got you covered with these geeky titles.

From Hank Green's debut novel about a bunch of mysterious alien statues that show up in every city across the planet to Mackenzi Lee's much-anticipated follow-up to The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, there's something for every kind of nerdy fiction lover.

(And be sure to read through to the end for special features/interviews with Vengeful author V.E. Schwab and debut author W.L. Goodwater!)

Mecha Samurai Empire by Peter Tieryas, Out Now — Ace

Mecha Samurai Empire, set in the same world as The United States of Japan, follows Makoto “Mac” Fujimoto, a young man raised in Japanese-occupied California in a world
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Jack Maynard, Elle Mills, Patricia Bright Named ‘Featured Creators’ For First VidCon London

Viacom’s VidCon announced today the initial round of Featured Creators set to attend the inaugural VidCon London gatherin, which is slated to kick off on Valentine’s Day at the ExCel convention center.

The roster of 30 U.K. and U.S.-based YouTube stars includes: creator-host Jack Maynard; beauty and lifestyle vloggers Saffron Barker, Anastasia Kingsnorth, and Roxxsaurus; vlogger-filmmaker Elle Mills; fashion creator Mark Ferris; comedy duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs; vlogger-author Hank Green; and Patricia Bright, who headlines the U.K.’s fastest-growing beauty channel. The current roster as it stands can be viewed in full right here.

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Hank Green’s Novel ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ Debuts To Mixed Reviews

Hank Green has joined his older brother John Green in the ranks of published authors as his first book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, releases today. Green’s 12-city book tour (on which John will be joining him) begins today as well, with his first stop in New York City.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing chronicles the mercurial nature of sudden internet fame, following twentysomething April May as she inadvertently makes first contact with aliens. April, a bisexual art school grad languishing in a job at a miserable app developer, makes a jokey YouTube video about a mysterious Transformer-esque statue that appears as she’s walking home one night. By the morning, identical statues have been found all over the world, and April has to deal with the effects of her newfound notoriety on her personal life as she unravels their secrets.

The novel has received mixed trade reviews, with Publishers Weekly
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Hank Green Releases New ‘How To Vote In Every State’ Videos Ahead Of Midterm Elections

YouTube veteran Hank Green has released a second installment of How To Vote In Every State, an enormous video venture he originally released in preparation for the Trump/Clinton election in 2016. This year’s 54 YouTube videos focus on the upcoming midterm elections and, of course, instruct viewers on the voting process in every single U.S. state.

In each video, either Green or Crash Course producer Nicole Sweeney walk prospective voters through the voting process, beginning to end. They tell voters how to check if they’re registered, how to register if they’re not, whether their state has absentee voting or early voting, local dates and times for absentee/early voting and election day voting, and what documents voters need for all the above. Each video’s description includes pertinent links. and each clip concludes with a recommendation to make voting day plans in order to avoid any unplanned issues or day-of challenges.
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