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‘Desert Wolf’ VOD Review

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Stars: Beau Yotty, Hayley Vrana, Jessica Y. Martin, Dan Weisgerber, Sky C. Donovan, Adam Voyles, John Carr, Kayla Andrews, Christine Manola | Written and Directed by Beau Yotty

Desert Wolf is billed as a throwback to the fun, scary horror creature features of the 1980′s, in the vein of werewolf classics The Wolf Man (1941) and Wolf (1994); and follows a series of vicious attacks that occur in a small Arizona town. With the residents terrified for their lives, as the death toll rises with each full moon, the towns sheriff must hunt down the beast responsible for the carnage.

The film is the latest from one-man production outfit Beau Yotty, who here produces, stars, writes And directs. Oh, and when I say stars, he takes the lead role of the sheriff hunting down the mysterious titular Desert Wolf.

Well, I say werewolf, but for the most part the killer creature is nothing
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Desert Wolf will be available on Amazon, VOD, and DVD – October 26Th

A series of gruesome murders occur in the small town of Junction City, Arizona. They each have one thing in common, the carnage takes place under a full Moon. Desert Wolf (Lone Gunslinger Pictures) Release Date: 10/26/2019 Starring: Beau Yotty – G.W. Garrett Hayley Vrana – Betty Johnson John Carr – Deputy Tuttle Dan Weisgerber – …

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