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Pray for Your Soul in this Eternal Damn Nation Trailer

Tagline: "Hell on Earth is closer than you think." Sometimes, it is a curse being an indie film fan. Several characters are also cursed, by the Devil, in director Alan Del Tufo's Eternal Damn Nation. This sci-fi thriller was recently picked up by the sales company Wonderphil Productions, for future distribution. This title will also screen at the American Film Market and in Cannes, shortly. Eternal Damn Nation also stars Jade Elysan and Carson Dougherty. In the film and the official trailer, Satan has come to town. Some are willing to follow and some are willing to fight for their soul. More creatures emerge from the night and soon, it is low budget showdown. Fans of the extraordinary can take a look at the film's trailer below. A release date for Eternal Damn Nation will be announced soon. Release Date: Tba. Director/writer: Alan Del Tufo. Cast: Jade Elysan,
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Philadelphia Film Festival 2012: ‘Greater Filmadelphia’ Section

Future Weather

To call Future Weather a ‘coming-of-age’ tale would likely be to make the assumption that the 13 year-old lead, Lauduree (Perla Haney-Jardine) has a Stand By Me moment somewhere around the climax of the film. Though Lauduree has her scene, the folks that come-of-age in Jenny Deller’s debut feature are the adults.

Lauduree is a precocious girl with big, environmental-science aspirations. Her mom Tanya (Marin Ireland) is an aspiring makeup artist, but a bit of a feckless parent. Her grandmother Greta (Amy Madigan) is love-lost, and more of a parent than Tanya seems capable of.

Haney-Jardine handles some difficult material with grown-up poise, and those childlike adults play their roles with equal parts moderation and complete abandonment.

Future Weather is a small film that looks big. Deller and cinematographer Zak Mulligan magically transform suburban Pennsylvania to a beautiful rural wonderland, and Deller’s assured direction makes her work
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