DVD Releases: Pint-Sized Terror

A short, in more ways than one, crop of new horror discs are coming your way this Tuesday, July 1st, 2008...

Dead and Gone (2008)

Directed by Yossi Sasson

A struggling young actor decides the best way to make some money between gigs is to bump off his comatose wife and collect the insurance money. He kidnaps her and takes her to an isolated cabin, where years before a man murdered his entire family. Eventually he is driven insane by visions of his wife taunting him and smothers her, but that’s not enough to make her go away. Buy it here!

Fist of the Vampire (2007)

Directed by Len Kabasinski

A detective is assigned to infiltrate an illegal underground fighting tournament and bring them down. As he battles his way to the top, he starts to gather clues that may lead him to the solving of a crime committed back in 1977 that remains open.
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