DVD Review: Minoru Kawasaki’s The Rug Cop

Minoru Kawasaki’s The Rug Cop (Zura Deka), which is now available on English-subtitled DVD from Synapse Films, is a seriously fun homage to Japanese cop shows from the 70s. Officer Genda (Fuyuki Moto) is a rebellious police man with a somber heart and a secret weapon: a flying toupee. Bounced from station to station by the upper brass, he ends up with a group of abnormal detectives with names such as as Shorty, Fatty, Big Dick, the Old Man, and Mr. Handsome. Genda, known as “Rug Cop,” leads the group in the investigation of a nuclear terrorist ring. As the team digs deeper into the criminal enterprise, Genda is forced to confront painful (and occasionally humorous) elements of his past.
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