Beauty in Trouble (Kráska v nesnázích)

Beauty in Trouble (Kráska v nesnázích) Directed by: Jan Hrebejk Cast: Anna Geislerová, Roman Luknár, Josef Abrhám, Jana Brejchová Running Time: 1 hr 50 min Rating: Unrated Opens: Dec. 12 in Portland at The Living Room Theaters Plot: After a flood ravages much of Prague, Jarda (Roman Luknar) starts running a chop shop to support his now destitute family. His wife, Marcela (Anna Geislerova), leaves Jarda after disagreeing about his illegal activities. She moves to her mother's apartment, bringing her children along. This upsets Marcela's stepfather, Richard, who does not appreciate the intrusion of this family into his already cramped apartment. Jarda is arrested after one of his accomplices steals a car belonging to Evzen Benes (Josef Abrham) that's equipped with satellite tracking. Benes offers to aid Marcela financially and get
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