Ta Talks Back: The Last Time I Saw Twilight

Ta fan May talks about the last time she saw TwilightnbspThe Last Time I Saw Twilight by MayThe lights fade in a movie theatre and my friend Ally and I exchange anxious glances. This will be the 14th time weve seen Twilight in as many weeks. We groan through the previews we have now seen 14 times and we pray there arent any unfortunate outbursts from crying babies or rabid fans both of which have dampened the film before.As the opening scene of Bella in Arizona plays and the audience seems to be composed I settle in for one more viewing. Ally nervously checks her cell phone for a call from her boyfriend which should have come an hour before but as the movie continues to Forks she too begins to settle. I hear us sigh as Edward enters the cafeteria and I wonder how weve both become so completely consumed.
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