The Betrayed (2009)

Directed and Written by Amanda Gusack

Featuring Melissa George, Oded Fehr, Alice Krige, Christian Campbell, Donald Adams, and Scott Heindl

In Memorium, Amanda Gusack’s previous horror film, was a well-shot and amazing venture into psychological horror. Her much bigger budgeted follow up, The Betrayed, is a thriller starring Melissa George which is unfortunately less touching and novel than In Memorium. Starting out with a Saw-like situation in which mom Jamie wakes up after a car accident to find herself locked in a dungeon-y basement room somewhere, Jamie is then forced by her captors to answer a series of questions about her husband to which she doesn’t know the answers, or her and her son Michael will be killed...

Melissa as 'Jamie', about to get in a planned car accident

A fresh and interesting Melissa George, rocking a brunette ‘do, plays Jamie as a vibrant but shocked woman thrust into a horrible situation.
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