Blu-Ray Review: Awful ‘Miss March’ Gives Sex Comedies a Bad Name

Chicago – The cover for the Blu-Ray release of “Miss March” (also on DVD) features the title character (Raquel Alessi) of the raunchy comedy staring open-mouthed, clearly a little shocked at what she’s just seen. She even looks a little angry. One can assume that she has just watched the movie on the disc inside and is planning to fire her agent, for comedies don’t get much worse than the dismal, awful, unfunny “Miss March”.

Blu-Ray Rating: 1.0/5.0 After “American Pie” shocked Hollywood by out-performing all expectations, there was a wave of “virgin sex comedies” that followed. Years from now, film historians will be surprised to learn that “Miss March” wasn’t a part of that wave and actually came along years later. It feels like a relic of a trend that has pretty much been relegated to straight-to-dvd comedies for the last several years. And it’s not even
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