[DVD Review] Fermat's Room

It's not often that math finds its way into the spotlight, but in the 2007 Spanish thriller Fermat's Room, it manages to prove itself worthy to all those liberal artsy folks who think numbers are boring.

Four brilliant and renowned strangers are brought together by the mysterious “Fermat,” who invites them to compete in a battle of the brains. Given pseudonyms in honor of famous mathematicians, they meet at the host's house, have dinner, and then the game begins. Fermat is called away to the hospital to see his comatose daughter (this may have been my one qualm with the entire movie; none of the guests think it fishy that this guy would throw a party while his daughter is in such poor condition). They're left with a Pda, which buzzes with a new puzzle every few minutes. Tensions run high, and the walls literally start closing in. They have sixty seconds to complete each riddle,
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