Why Indian Films Don’t make it to Cannes?

Why Indian Films Don’t make it to Cannes?
They(Cannes) have a very Euro-us centric view of cinema which we cannot conform to. We are neither the Far-east like Japan, nor the West in that sense. We are the in-between world. Our culture is very little understood in the West. To appreciate the cinema, you have to understand the culture and the people–Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Come May and the time seems rife for a critical analysis of the state of Indian cinema. The country that churns out the largest number of films in the world in a year doesn’t figure in the list of countries which will have their films presented at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Does that reflect anything about the cinema in our country? The debate is pursued with a renewed interest and vigour every year. Well, some believe that our films are just not good enough while there are others who question the
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