Green Slime at the La Comic/Sci-Fi Con!

Attention, all nerds, geeks and fanboys (and, trust me, I count myself among your ranks): The Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention is coming, and this year’s festivities feature a healthy dose of campy cult goodness!

This year’s show, on Sunday, November 8, will feature an exclusive 40th anniversary screening of The Green Slime, the 1969 cult science fiction classic. Notorious for its unequaled goofiness, which manifests in every element from its theme song to its low-budget effects, the film was a success thanks to aggressive marketing, including an appearance on the cover to Famous Monsters of Filmland #57.

The Green Slime, which follows the inhabitants of a space station as they’re attacked by tentacled green aliens that multiply when they’re shot, was directed by Kinji Fukasaku, who would become more of a cult figure in later years with his adaptation of Battle Royale. The screenplay was penned by Bill Finger,
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