Trailer Park: The Adjustment Bureau, Monogamy, Who Took The Bomp? Le Tigre On Tour, Super 8

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By Christopher Stipp

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Monogamy - DVD Review

Color me surprised at how much I liked this film.

At first glance you could see a movie about a photographer who takes clandestine pictures of clients who pay to be shot in the wild, an odd subset of humans who need to see what it’s like to be shown in their natural territory, as something Hitchcock would cook up when one of the clients takes it up a notch and gets a little freaky deekey, having a penchant for voyeurism.

Purposely antagonizing the guy, the sexualized client and photog share in a relationship that isn’t so much physical as it is cerebral. As, you see, the guy is getting married to Rashida Jones, a woman
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