Melvins – Chicken Switch (Musick Review)

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Melvins – Chicken Switch (Musick Review)
Remix albums are unpredictable prospects, sometimes yielding blissful, expressionistic results and sometimes…not so much.

The Isis Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations album, check. Puscifer’s “V” Is For Viagra remix album, check. Prong’s Power To The Damn Mixxxer, dubious at times, but check. The latest Ministry and Revolting Cocks remix albums…well, you know, they are what they are.

If you think Fantomas and Pigface are weird, you’ve heard nothing compared to the Melvins’ disquieting remix entreaty, Chicken Switch. Whereas most remix projects pinpoint single songs for reassembly purposes, the always-nutty Melvins put their electro-noise artisans to a more difficult task: defragging entire Melvins albums!

As each remixer on-hand for Chicken Switch is given a full slab to dissect for brand new creations, an actual Melvins feel is more devoid than one might expect. Eye Yamatsuka of the Japanese noise rock band Boredom is perhaps the only remixer to
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