TCM Drive-In Doubles: Week 5!

It’s the last week of TCM’s string of monstrous Thursday night double-features. Joe Dante has the rundown.

We’re wrapping up Joe’s month-long look (yes, he writes the below copy) at TCM’s month-long series. The previous entries in this series — if you so happen want to program your own set of double features — can be found here:

Week 1!

Week 2!

Week 3!

Week 4!

But, for now, onward and upward with the monster-y goodness, direct from the desk of Joe Dante!

The Blob – Ok, Steve McQueen was embarrassed by his first picture, but he could never have imagined how popular it would eventually become. Yes, it skirts the edge of amateurism, but hey, it’s The Blob! The much-missed George Hickenlooper elucidates.

The H-Man – This Japanese production didn’t play very widely in 1959 but it’s an offbeat combo of gangsters and sci fi from the creator of Godzilla,
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