Anonyma: A Woman in Berlin – revisiting the horrors of 1945

A new film version of the 1959 memoir, Anonyma: A Woman in Berlin, disturbs an old hornet's nest concerning the estimated two million German women who were raped by Russian soldiers

"Wie oft?" ("How often?") was a phrase understood by everyone in Berlin in the immediate aftermath of the second world war. "How often have you been raped by Russian soldiers?" was what was really meant.

Such a matter-of-fact exchange summed up how much it came to be taken for granted that German women suffered at the hands of Russian soldiers who captured Berlin. An estimated 2 million German women fell victim to the troops, 100,000 of them in Berlin. An estimated 10% of rape victims died, mostly from suicide. Many had abortions and those who did give birth often gave their babies up for adoption. In 1946 almost 4% of Berlin-born children were estimated to have Russian fathers.

When a candid diary account of the horrors,
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