Mark Kermode's DVD round-up

Giallo; Unknown; Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son; Country Strong

Following the resolution of a release-delaying financial dispute between producers and leading man Adrien Brody, it would be excellent to report that director Dario Argento's latest has been worth the wait. Sadly, the belated straight-to-dvd premiere of Giallo (2009, Lionsgate, 18) does nothing to enhance the reputation of Italy's former horror maestro. On the contrary, with its sub-Saw leering gore and crassly unimaginative exploitation aesthetic, this looks more like the work of a hacking fan boy than of the father of stylishly extreme modern cinema.

Oscar-winner Brody stars as special agent Enzo Avolfi, an unconvincingly troubled soul with a late-revealed (and, sadly, laughable) back story which affords him a dangerous empathy with his prey. In a pun-tastic play upon generic labels (Argento's touchstone oeuvre is commonly referred to as "giallo", after the yellow covers of pulp crime paperbacks), said prey turns
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