Buck Rogers In The 25Th Century—The DVD Review

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Buck Rogers In The 25Th Century, the first science fiction comic strip, hit the newspapers in 1929, finally ending its long run in 1967. Writer Phil Nowlan created the character in two Sf pulp stories (published in Amazing Stories) before teaming with artist Dick Calkins on the spin-off strip. Buck Rogers is a former Air Force officer who falls into suspended animation while investigating a strange gas in a mineshaft. He awakens 500 years later to an America that has been conquered by Monguls. Buck meets Wilma Deering, who recruits him to fight the invaders; Dr. Huer, a brilliant scientist who will soon have Buck rocketing to other planets; and Wilma’s brother Buddy. Sometime space pirate “Killer” Kane became Buck’s primary nemesis along with Kane’s sultry assistant Ardala Valmar. No sooner has Buck vanquished the invaders than he, and the Earth, are confronted by the menace of the Tiger Men from Mars.
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