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T Magazine Bryce Dallas Howards' new roles. Hasn't Hollywood realized she's a bad luck charm by now?

Pajiba Would you watch James McAvoy create "James Bond" in a Fleming biopic?

Back Stage Blog Stage Wicked is still breaking Broadway records. Can they get the movie version made already? Strike while the iron is warm. And cast people who can sing please!

Sunset Gun Kim Morgan's top ten for 2009

Observations on Film Art the ten best pictures of 2009 1919

...by Ken Levine loves Up in the Air. This quote should probably be used on Vera Farmiga's Fyc ads. Talk about flattering the real revelation is Vera Farmiga. Picture a taller, sexier, younger, straighter Ann Heche with the smarts and sassiness of Bogey’s Bacall. I love this woman! I want to write a movie just so she can be in it.

Movies Kick Ass completes the series '10 Movies That Defined My Decade'.
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