‘Self Storage’ Goes From Made-For-Reel to Branded Series

Series on the internet, or web series if you’re in the camp that still embraces that term, generally fall into one of a few general buckets. There’s all kinds of buckets of branded series, of high-polish dramas, sketch comedies, and at least a dozen or so types native to YouTube. But the bucket that gets the worst wrap of all, and with due cause, is the dreaded made-for-acting-reel series. That bucket, it turns out, seems to be rampant in actor-heavy enclaves of Los Angeles and New York, and a large chunk of the inbound emails we get every day. Take Self Storage, an indie comedy series on KoldCast TV (and YouTube) that dropped us a review request at the launch of their second season last month. It’s in the bucket for sure, but it’s at least in the better half. Julie Mann stars alongside Kimberly Trew as Dana and Shoshanna,
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