Six to watch: small-screen romcoms

Happy Endings and Perfect Couples are identikit Friends-style sitcoms. We look at the best of the genre but have missed any?

Tonight not one but two new Us sitcoms step forward in an effort to fill the Friends-shaped void that's been left in E4's schedules. Happy Endings and Perfect Couples are a product of the Us networks' recent fascination with romcoms. Look beyond the subtle differences – one sports an uncomfortably suggestive title, while the other has already been cancelled – and there's not too much to separate two cookie-cutter comedies. In fact Happy Endings and Perfect Couples are so similar you could probably switch the characters, jokes and storylines of both shows without noticing much of a difference.

So what are the must-see sights on a tour of tellyland's finest romcoms? Join us as we separate the Hugh Grants from the Hugh Hefners in our run down of the six best.
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