Star Wars: the original mash-up movie?

With the Star Wars saga out now on Blu-ray, Terence looks back at the original 1977 film, and examines the disparate elements George Lucas brought together…

The original 1977 Star Wars film arrived on Blu-ray this week, along with the rest of the original trilogy and its prequels. News of the release has once again brought George Lucas into the center of a fan controversy about special editions versus original editions, and the issue of yet more obsessive tinkering. At the same time, though, the Blu-ray release is also a good opportunity to look back at what Lucas’ landmark first Star Wars film did give us.

Quite simply, Star Wars was the world’s first mash-up.

Originally a technical term to describe the mixing of disparate elements in website design, the mash-up concept quickly spread to music and, with the help of YouTube, to the cutting together of different movies to make something entirely new.
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