Rachid Badouri To Guest-Star In 'Une grenade avec ça?'

On February 16, 2010, the 200th episode of the teen sitcom Une grenade avec ça? will be aired on Vrak.TV, a teen-oriented cable network, at 5 Pm. Moreover, Rachid Badouri, a humorist, will be the guest star for this episode.

In this special episode, a contest for the employees is organized at the Captain Creighton, a chain of fast food restaurants. This is done in order to celebrate the 200,000,000th "burdog" that will get sold. Each restaurant of the chain must produce an advertisement clip based on a script written by one of its own employees. Of course, everybody expects Anaïs (Catherine Proulx-Lemay) to win the contest. However, the winner is Marine (Caroline Gendron).

Obviously, Marine sees this contest as an opportunity to make it big in Hollywood. Besides, a known director named Bad-r (Rachid Badouri) accepts to direct her advertisement clip and wants to modify its concept behind it. Will Marine
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