DVD Review(s): Juice and South Central

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Independent distributer Second Sight is re-releasing two cult Afro-American urban films, Juice and South Central this Monday. As both films deal with similar subject and were released in the same year, a joint review seemed appropriate. Both films are about young black Americans struggling to beat the cycle of violence that threatens their lives and their cultures.


Stars: Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Jermaine ‘Huggy’ Hopkins | Written by Ernest R. Dickerson, Gerard Brown | Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson

Juice boasts an impressive cast, including the likes of Omar Epps (best known as House’s Dr Foreman), Samuel L Jackson, Queen Latifah and, best of all, late rap legend Tupac. The film follows a group of four school-skipping friends in Harlem, all of whom are fairly dopey, huggable hip-hoppers, rather than violent gang-bangers. Q (Epps) dreams of becoming a superstar DJ and auditions for a prestigious competition. Bishop (Tupac) however, wishes
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