The Hagstone Demon and Intensity: A Movie Review

Director: Jon Springer.

Writers: Harrison Matthews and Jon Springer.

The Hagstone Demon comes across as often amateurish in grainy black and white, while central character Douglas (Mark Borchardt) drones on of generalities. The picture comes through in beautiful hues only when Douglas sits to write. While the first person narrative does break up the mundaneness of superintendent life, the film's pacing does not kick into any sort of high gear until the sixty minute mark.

In a few short words, The Hagstone Demon involves the satanic underworld where a succubus can bring back the dead for the cruel torture of a building's maintenance man. This often annoyed, sometimes awkwardly funny character does his best to ignore the tenants he must care for, as bodies pile up and dirty his recently cleaned floors. The film then adds in a tragic love story of suicide, satanic rites, and strange orgies that create
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