Council makes 12 visits to change a lightbulb

A local authority reportedly made at least 12 visits to change a broken lightbulb in a street lamp. Cheltenham resident Jack Doran claimed that a lamp post on his street was visited at least a dozen times in six weeks as employees attempted to fix the problem. Doran told the Gloucestershire Echo: "It just seemed a bit odd that they kept coming and going like that. I'd see somebody arrive and they would take a look, appear to do something, then leave again without it being fixed. "There were at least 12 visits in all that I counted and I just started to wonder what on earth had gone wrong because it was apparently only one bulb." The 74-year-old continued by describing the incident as "symptomatic of the sort of thing that seems to happen in local government, but wouldn't in the private sector". > Council paints lines over dead hedgehog

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