Here To Amuse You- The Goodfellas 20th Anniversary Edition Bluray

These nifty little Bluray books beat cardboard slipcovers any day of the week for attractiveness but the real proof lies in the picture transfer. My unpracticed eye tells me this isn't a reference quality disc but it is easily the best Goodfellas has ever looked. That and the book and the extensive number of quality extras here virtually demand a rebuy. There is some room for improvement here but Scorcese has always gone a little grainy anyway. 

Goodfellas didn't just redefine the gangster film it recast the gangster in a critique of the American dream. What is it we really want out of life and will it be worth spending our lives for it in the end? Martin Scorcese made a film worthy of watching by anyone who has been tempted to gain some little corner of the world by trading in their soul. Of course that doesn't guarantee it will be easy to watch.
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