The Hagstone Demon's Cultish Debut: A Movie Review

Director: Jon Springer.

Writers: Harrison Matthews, and Jon Springer.

Cast: Mark Borchardt, Nadine Gross and Cyndi Kurtz.

DVD Release: Sept 27, 2011.

Cult classics don’t come easy and now that The Hagstone Demon is out on DVD, it is going to deliver its unique stamp in no time at all. The appeal of this noir-style product comes from the lead. Mark Borchardt (Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever) delivers a ridicously hackneyed performance that works for the type of character he plays. Douglas Elmore is hired to take care of a building that is destined to be torn down in a few months.

The few tenants still residing here may also echo his tired and miserable existence. That’s hard to tell, but until he can repair his own life, they appear to be nagging him about one thing or another, like: when is the toilet going to be fixed? For a good part of the movie,
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