Interview with Kit Williamson

Think of Topher Grace (That 70's Show, Spiderman 3). Now think of indie horror vet Jeff Dylan Graham (Bloody Bloody Bible Camp). Now imagine if the two were crossed and you would get something, or in this case someone, resembling Kit Williamson. Still, there is something unquestionably unique and different about Kit compared to a lot of the other young hopeful actors who come to La in hopes of making it. In just a short amount of time, Kit Williamson has been featured in a variety of horror film productions including Last Halloween - a romance in the vein of Before Sunrise, but with a horror twist. There's also Opious, which could be described as a cross between The Evil Dead & Ghostbusters, & a role in Elisabeth Fies second feature length film - I Hate L.A. On top of everything, Kit Williamson will be joining the cast of my very own production - Drive-In Massacre as Trey.
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