Suddenly, The Movie – Sliff Review

One of the more rare genres of filmmaking is the cinema of absurdity, which can actually be defined in various ways. Suddenly, The Movie (De repente, la pelicula) is an absurd comedy, written and directed by veteran Venezuelan filmmaker Luis Armando Roche. New to the genre, this is an experimental film for Roche, derived from a script written 25 years ago. This is a passion project by a filmmaker already well-established in his home country, a filmmaker who has already had films play international festivals such as his 1977 film The Moving Picture Man, which played Cannes Film Festival.

Suddenly, The Movie is by many definitions not a traditional film. It.s clear that Roche intended to break all the rules, a tactic perfectly acceptable by filmmaker.s with as much experience under their belt. As they say, .you must learn the rules before you can break them..

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