Episode Recap: CSI: NY - 1.16: "Hush"

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There's a truck jacking involving a shooting and there's blood found on a container. Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) can't wait to get her jokes in, "That's gonna need a bit more than a bag and tag." They call Hawkes (Hill Harper) out of the morgue once more and Mac (Gary Sinise) suggests he brings a spatula, which he does. Part of the Db has been found. Kevin Harrington, (Mark Sheppard) the foreman says they can't shut the port down. Tod was within the past 4 hours. Mac tracks the databases and the computer shows where the container was during the last 12 hours. The rest of the Db is found under another container. The Me is in charge of the body. So obvious who the killer is here cos he's in charge and so knows all the ins and outs of the port and what to hide where.. A dead woman is found
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