World Leader Pretend: Top Ten Political Figures In Film

To celebrate the imminent release of Roman Polanski’s latest (and possibly last) film, The Ghost, I’ve put together a top ten list of political figures who have been portrayed in cinema by some of our finest actors. Whether they are contemporary, historical or in some cases, made up, politicians have run the whole gamut of film genres. They have been cast as heroes, villains, clowns and tragic figures with Shakespearean-like downfalls.

The corridors of power echo with intrigue, corruption and calamity. The list presents both real and imagined political characters to highlight their dexterity as cinematic figures and also to stop it from being completely boring.

Please feel free to comment and add your own suggestions.

Bruno Ganz as Adolph Hitler (Downfall)

There have been quite a few depictions of the 20th century’s greatest monster, but nobody nailed it quite like Bruno Ganz in Der Untergang (Downfall
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